Sunday, February 28, 2010


a Cricut. Not the bug the machine. :)

On sale at Joanns for $84.99 right now....
I don't think I'll ever get it, but it's pretty much a very handy, very cool tool!

I'd also like to get some stamps. They are having a HUGE sale on stamps and stamp stuff at Porters right now! Clearance ones and just sale ones. only a $1.00 for most and some of those are in like a collection type thing.Most of them being the clear kind. I wish I could go and spend even 20 bucks one some. sigh...must resist I guess. Joann's is having a sale on stamp stuff too only they are more expensive. like these ones:
 very cool and has alot to it. Prob. worth it but at $8.99 for these babies....I guess there is like 12 of them so it ends up being less than a $1 a stuff.

If I could spend just $50 right now on stamp stuff this is what I'd get:
the above stamps for $8.99 at joanns
A cool quote set for $8.99 at joanns
Blocks for them to go on: Here's some for $13.19 at joanns

They also had them in the $1 basket at may be cheaper to do that route depending on what sizes I could find at Porters. Just from browsing super quick I only saw smaller ones, but maybe there were bigger ones for less....

OH! here we go. here's a great set for less at joanns: Only $11.99. and those are pretty much all the sizes I would use anyway. I'll still check around to see if I can get a set like this for cheaper.

So even with the 11.99 blocks I'm only at $29.97
I'd need to get some ink pads:

sale 2.39
They have these "chalk" ink pads that are cheaper but I have no idea how to use them and what they are for?
sale 2.99

sale 2.99

sale 2.99

All those ink pads above are from joanns. I'd prob.  only spend $12.00 total on ink pads if that depending on where and what price I can find them at. I know you can get a whole color wheel for around $11.00 so $41.93 now...
And the remainder of the money would go towards card stock so $8.07 for card stock. Usually the card stock stacks are around 9.99...but I'm sure I could get a decent amount of card stock for around $8.00. 

so ya:) That's not including tax but ya. If I could find the block things for cheaper, and spend just get some basic colors for the ink pads I could afford to get some more stamps like the one below and maybe some other holiday ones on clearance:

$2.99 at joanns

I'd like to get an embossing pad and some embossing powder stuff so I could do some embossing (obviously) but that's down the road...and I'd like to get some little things to make the cards more interesting like silk or paper flowers:

online only
sale 3.49

Or just get some punches like these:
online only
sale 11.79
 Here are some cheaper petals!

NOW $4.95  per pack

online only
sale 4.89
sale 9.09

I know I could find the punches cheaper!
 I have a few already (smaller ones) that would work for accents at first.

These are pretty cool (all from

271-Pc. Seasonal Embellishment Sets

271-Pc. Seasonal Embellishment Sets
Brads, Jewels, Buttons & More Come In A Handy Organizer
$7.95  per set  

Anyway...ya...well that's my want for the week...

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Crystal said...

I think they're super handy for just letters! Even though I've decided that scrapbooking is a total waste of time (for me) I have had lots of instances when I needed some letters cut out for charts for the girls or letter practice or signs for different things. Cool though. My friend had one and she used it a lot, but you have to keep buying the sticky mats and things, and those can get pricy too. So have you done any scrapbooks lately? You should post pictrues of those.