Sunday, February 14, 2010

Baby, Valentines & A Clean Kitchen

Bag Charm
I wanted to show that I do actually clean my kitchen and it does look nice. It lasts about 30 mins and that floor never looks clean no matter WHAT I do! This was a couple weeks ago. You don't want to see it now...haha

NEW Baby Bed 

 Rice Krispy Treat Kisses I made for Valentines Day!:)
I got the idea from another blog HERE. I think they turned out pretty cute! 
They were super easy to make too. Which as we know is always nice. I got the 4 piece funnel set from Walmart for a little under a dollar and I used all 4 sizes in my little experiment. I liked the little hearts between the words and the continuous words better than just the one word ones.
I just played around with the different size font, etc. until I got ones that worked for 
the size of the rice krispy kiss I made.
One helpful hint:
butter or spray the foil before wrapping otherwise it will stick! 
(or just have really buttery rice krispy treats)

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mamasteph said...

I've seen the rice krispie treat idea before and love it! They turned out really cute! Awesome pack n play!