Sunday, January 30, 2011

Apps for Ipod Touch/Iphone/Ipad

LDS Apps
LDS Hymns
LDS Music app
Mormon Channel
LDS Radio 
I like this one the best because it's a variety of lds music and not just hymns and doesn't have talks thrown in there too. I can also listen to it on my computer with itunes.

The Scriptures
Here's another link for the scripture apps and other LDS apps HERE

Ward Tools App
Ward Directory, etc.

Other Great Apps 

Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List
"Close the cookbook. With Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List, you can browse more than 25,000 professionally tested recipes from top food magazines, popular cookbooks, top chefs, restaurants, and more in the grocery store or the kitchen, right from your iPhone." Personal Finance
"Sign up for a free account with, and the Personal Finance app shows you up-to-the-minute balances for each of your accounts. It even breaks out your expenditures by category and alerts you when you’ve exceeded your budget."

I really like this site. It works better when you use your checking account more.

"Can't decide where to eat? Urbanspoon can help. SHAKE your iPhone and the Urbanspoon slot machine will pick a good restaurant for you to try. See what's NEARBY to explore your 'hood in list or map mode. See what your FRIENDS like. BROWSE a comprehensive list of restaurants."
Looks pretty cool I also like the next one"

"Discover your next favorite place…on WHERE!

- Discover great nearby places
- Get personalized recommendations
- Save and share your favorite places
- Find exclusive deals from local businesses"

I think I've mentioned this one in a previous post.

It may be $0.99 but I think it would be very nice sometimes!Maybe there's some similar app that's free. Not sure? (Gps spot)
"1. Park your car and hit the ‘Park Me!’ button.
2. Get lost.
3. Hit the ‘Where Did I Park?’ button.

Add a Photo and Notes about your parking space if desired.
Choose ‘Directions’ for turn-by-turn directions that will take you right back to your car.
Choose ‘Exact Location’ to pinpoint your car.
Additional Features:

• Easy-to-use interface for taking a photo of your parking spot or entering additional notes, such as the section or the floor/ level you parked on.
• Embedded World Map shows the location of your parked vehicle.
• While you are parking, you can drag the parking spot pinpoint if the correct location is not automatically determined. "

Of course there's the basic ones like Coupons, Barcode, etc.
You can see my other post HERE too:) I think alot of those might just be for android, but you can look for them on apple too.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Cute V-Day Decor Ideas

Marshmallow Fondant

Okay, so this is so much easier than I thought. I've seen and had it before, but didn't know it was this easy. Maybe I'll actually try my hand at it some day. I found the tutorial/recipe HERE and I'll post the full thing below. Just know it's not from me it's from the above link! Enjoy!

"How to Make Marshmallow Fondant


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Alli's fav things

 2 fav toys at the current moment: Her monkey and her mouse. 
I know it's weird...but way cute:)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Valentine Subway Art

Valentine Subway Art:
I found this one HERE it's super cute if you have time to do it, but if not I thought of another way to do it that would be just as cute...
Just use scrapbook paper and add the vinyl letters then frame it with the glass. I'd prob. add a coat of mod podge too. wahla. I'll have to test it out:)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Apps I like

My Awesome Apps List:

Saturday, January 15, 2011

getting organized

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Recipes, ideas,update etc.

So I made some pretty brilliant discoveries and ideas lately.

One being fruit ice cubes. Blend Orange Juice, Banana's, and a bag of frozen mixed berries (usually they have strawberries, blackberries and raspberries in them). It's good fresh, but also very yummy frozen in an ice cube tray (good for putting in alli's little food contraption. You can put like oranges, ice cubes, etc. in it and it has a little mesh type thing so that they can bite and suck the juices out but can't choke on the actual object. Messy but brilliant). Alli loves them and they don't have any added sugar, etc. I put the fruit cubes in some lemonade and oh boy was it YUMMY! Think raspberry lemonade only better! If that's possible. Would be good as a punch at a party.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Saturday, January 8, 2011


So we had a very good Christmas. I posted a bunch of pictures on facebook already, but I figured I needed to update my blog:) So, I will start from the beginning and work my way to the present day. It's now Jan 8th, 2011 so as you can imagine I have a bit to blog about!
So, Christmas Eve we got PJ's from mom (all matching and everything with little monkey's). Even the kids had all matching PJ's. Here are a few pictures from that:

I'm doing this a little at a time so bare with me.