Wednesday, March 3, 2010


So Miss Alli has decided that she is comfortable just the way she is--breech--and so we have made the decision to go ahead and have a C-Section tomorrow at 12 noon. (March 4th). We have to go in at 10:30am to get checked in and all prepped for surgery! So yay! :)
Tomorrow is of course Chandler's Birthday as well:) He actually chose to do it on his birthday instead of today. Something about never having to celebrate his birthday anymore. I think he just wants 2 cakes! haha she's breech because her head is up, well sideways really, and I guess her feet are up by her she's chilling in a little ball sideways...not really good for giving birth vaginally. So we're going to have to pull her out by force (haha that sounds bad). I know she'd like to chill in there forever, but that position just won't work and there's not a ton of fluid left at this point so it's unlikely that she will turn the right way before I go into labor. Sooooo ya!
I have had the feeling that she was going to come early and I guess I was right!:) Just maybe not in the way I had expected.
I am very calm and comfortable with the idea of a C-Section. I mean afterall, I don't have to go through hours of contractions then hours of hard labor right! I will just have a scar on my tummy and a bit of pain there for awhile. Which I'm totally okay with. I thought I was going to have to be on bed rest, not be able to get up and walk around, wouldn't be able to lift my baby, etc....BUT the Dr. said they actually encourage me to walk around, shower, etc. so that I don't get blood clots. I will have desolving stitches from the inside so don't have to worry about stitches being taken out or bothered. And it's perfectly fine to lift the baby as long as I'm careful around my scar area and everything. So YAY, that makes me feel very good.
Anyway, I am very excited that she is coming tomorrow! Chandler I think is super nervous, but I'm actually less nervous and more excited now:) He asked me today if I was nervous YET haha. Of course that will prob. change when I'm in the hospital on a operating table getting a needle stuck in my back and numbing the entire bottom half of my body and being poked in a million places with needles and crap. But ya, at the moment I'm more excited and anxious to get it done!:)
I will of course post pictures and an update after I am home and feeling up to it. I hope my camera decides to be nice to me and I get some good pictures of our little one:)
Take Care!



clauss house said...

how exciting, congratulations, Jess and I'm so impressed with how optimistic and excited you are about the c-section! I hope all goes well for you and your baby girl! You'll officially be a mom this time tomorrow, cool!

Aquilter said...

Absolutely the most exciting news! She is beautiful, really. I am anxious to hold her and spoil her. What a cute little toot!