Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Winter/Christmas Time:)

Just cute Alli things:) Ohhh AND if you havn't heard yet...I am pregnant with baby #2!!! We're very excited and hope Alli will do well with the new addition. I'm only around 5 weeks along. Maybe less maybe more. Still need to go to the dr. I'll keep you updated!
The teddy bear tree she's barely touched
Alli "exploring" the other tree. I's now decorated partly up.

She's learned sense these pictures what the word no is and what it means when mommy says it:)
She's a good girl. Just curious.

The vinyl window decor I made! I'm very proud of it!;)

The snowflakes are GIANT here!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Video #3 Snow

Cute Video #2

Cute Video #1

Pictures and an Update:)

So Allison is now standing up on her own for short periods of time and has taken to climbing the stairs...and falling down. I usually catch her before she gets up and way before she falls down, but the other day I thought daddy was playing with her on the steps when really he left her and went upstairs. I guess she wanted to follow him because the next thing I knew she was up and falling down. She got a nice little bang. Thank heavens it was only one stair. Poor thing. I'm hoping after that she will stay away from the stairs...I think that's wishful thinking though. The way the people built the stairs makes it impossible to put up a baby gate also. So I just have to watch that sneaky little girl a little carefully. Even if I think daddy has her:)
She's doing pretty good with the Christmas tree so far...haha...okay not really. She likes the sparkly bulbs and the candy canes and my tree now looks odd without bulbs on the bottom and the lights being broken on the top half...oh well:) Funny thing is she hasn't even touched or even looked at the teddy bear tree which she can play with to her hearts content if she wanted to! As is life I guess.
We are working on "baby proofing" the house a little more. Allison can reach the top shelf of the dvds now and will find anything she's not supposed to have...We're working on "Audrey proofing" the house, but I'm not sure if that's really possible now (huh Crys):) So I guess we will have to just keep very close watch on Audrey, Jane, Claire and Allison this Christmas:)
Allison is also getting a 3rd tooth and working on the 4th (so she has 2 on bottom and working on the 2 on top now). She's been very good with the whole teething thing though. There was a day or two in Yuma where she was hurting really bad, but we got her some tylenol and she was ok after that. The teething gel doesn't last very long at all.
Anyway...I'm working on selling some of my jewelry down in Yuma now. So that's exciting. I've already made a little money there which is good. I got a few stocking stuffers for Alli the other day. So that's nice.
I uploaded a bunch of pictures to my Yorkphoto the other day. I was pretty behind on that. I also found a sweet program where I can upload my videos right to You Tube (as many at a time as I want which is awesome) and it can do other things too, but ya. That helps alot!
Anyway...I'll have to add some pictures and videos to here soon!
That's all for my update! Chow!


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

3 Year Anniversary:)

Today is me and Chandler's 3 year anniversary:) It has gone by SO fast! We have experienced many things together.We have a beautiful baby girl:) and lots of love to go around! We are working on baby #2. By next year we should have 2 little ones running around:) I look forward to all the adventures ahead together! click read more for pictures:)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sleep Sack

You know what the weird thing is, I was totally thinking about doing this! I think I'd do it like my sleep sack though. With short sleeves and then have a velcro wrap to swaddle their arms. It'd prob. be easier anyway...great idea from Samster Mommy

'DIY Sleepsack (Hurray! Sleep!!)

***there is no guarantee that the following pattern will in fact produce a sleeping child

Monday, November 15, 2010

Infinity Scarf Follow Up

So here are a few pictures of how my infinity scarf turned out using the largest (yellow) knifty knitter hoop. It was pretty simple. I pretty much just made a large "brim" like you would make for the hats. Stretched out it's about 11 inches wide. Not stretched it's about 6 inches. I used Lion Brand Yard--HOMESPUN--The color # is 395 Meadow
It's a green/blue/tan color. Very soft and kind of stretchy.'s the magazine/dress barn one:
Model in Dressbarn scarf and Jack BB Dakota sweater

And here is my version with the knifty knitter:

I think I am going to do another one a little differently...I think instead of making it double thick I will just make it single and just end it when I have the length I want and leave it with a tie. Then it will stretch more....make it lay better prob....I could do it better...I'll update you on it!:)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Infinity Scarf

I saw this exact thing in the Real Simple Magazine!

Model in Dressbarn scarf and Jack BB Dakota sweaterJason Brownrigg
Dressbarn Scarf
For such a rock-bottom price, why not give an infinity scarf a whirl? It’s a continuous loop of soft acrylic knit that you hang around your neck.
To buy: $20,
You prob. need to go to the above link for the PDF File that's below. All the below is a direct quote. I do not take credit for any of it! Thanks Gals/Guys!:)
I haven't tried it with the Knifty Knitter yet, but I will and let you know how it turns out!

DIY Style: Knitted Infinity Scarf

Learn how to make your very own winter accessory

By Cathy Carron Posted October 22, 2010 from Cowlgirls

DIY Style: Knitted Infinity Scarf
Photo: © courtesy of Cowlgirls the Neck's Big Thing to Knit
Project excerpted from Cowlgirls. 

Pull it over your head to go incognito or wear it loose around the neck for a carefree look. Let your mood guide you!
What you need:
Merino/Angora/Cashmere by Tanglewood Fiber Creations
4oz/113g hanks, each approx 188yd/172m (merino wool/angora/ cashmere)
2 hanks in northwest autumn
One size 8 (5mm) circular needle, 24"/61cm long or size to obtain gauge
Two size 8 (5mm) doublepointed needles (dpns)
Stitch marker
This versatile piece is worked in the round in an easy eyelet pattern that produces a horizontal lace. It’s a perfect first pattern for a lace-knitting novice.
Finished measurements:
Circumference 24"/61cm
Height Approx 15"/38cm
15 sts and 36 rnds = 4"/10cm over eyelet pat using size 8 (5mm) needles.
Take time to check gauge.
Eyelet pattern
(over an even number of sts)
Rnds 1–3 Knit.
Rnd 4 Purl.
Rnd 5 *K2tog, yo; rep from * around.
Rnd 6 Purl.
Rep rnds 1–6 for eyelet pat.
With circular needle, cast on 90 sts.
Pm and join, being careful not to twist.
K 1 rnd.
P 1 rnd.
Work in eyelet pat until piece measures approx 14 1⁄2"/37cm from beg, end with rnd 6.
K 3 rnds.
P 1 rnd.
Bind off.
Weave in ends.
I-cord See PDF for instructions
With dpns, cast on 3 sts.
Row 1 K3. Do not turn. Slide sts to other end of needle. Rep row 1, pulling yarn tightly from end of row each time, until I-cord measures 60"/152cm.
Bind off. Thread I-cord through 3rd rnd of eyelets from the top.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

6 ways to display a quilt

These are super good ideas! These are for you mom;) None of this was MY idea or anything I got all the ideas from this link HERE!
All a direct quote from the link above! Although I might just make the pillow cover instead of pinning it on, but that's a fast and easy fix if you don't feel like sewing!:)Great Ideas guys!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Skunking around

 So Alli liked her skunk costume so much she wanted to wear it around the house! She actually sat there and wined until I put it on her! It was so cute to see her play with the little skunk 
girl in the mirror!:) And NO she was NOT the BOY skunk (flower) from Bambi! I put the flower on there to make her look more like a girl skunk:)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Boo at the Zoo

 We went to the Idaho Falls Zoo for there "Boo at the Zoo" with Mindy Crowfoot and her 2 boys. It was alot of fun!:) Alli was the cutest little skunk! Everyone kept stopping to say how cute she was and even had a couple want a picture!

Fall to Winter in one day flat!

 We got an unexpected blanket of snow the other day. 
Very pretty and gets you in the Christmas spirit and it's not even Halloween yet!

Click Read More for more pictures

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Alli's Stocking

Allison's Christmas Stocking Grandma Groll made! Cute huh!:)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Halloween Pumpkin Bag

Mom made a pumpkin candy bag for Allison for Halloween!:) It's just like mine. SO CUTE!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Allison All Over 7 Months

 This was Alli's first experience with Swimming in a pool. She loved it! We didn't have a swimsuit for her so we got some swim diapers and put a onesie on her. She splashed around and just had a grand old time!:)

 Alli has found herself in many different places lately...

 She loves to crawl over to the door and say hi to Saydie
 Alli's 1st experience with leaves and playing with Saydie. Saydie was really great with her. She got really annoyed with saydie putting her paw on her though. haha
See her pushing her paw off?

She decided to take matters in to her own hands!

 Alli is getting around like non other! She is pulling herself up on things and getting in to anything she can reach:) And boy is she quick!

Chillin with Dad:)