Sunday, February 28, 2010


a Cricut. Not the bug the machine. :)

On sale at Joanns for $84.99 right now....
I don't think I'll ever get it, but it's pretty much a very handy, very cool tool!

I'd also like to get some stamps. They are having a HUGE sale on stamps and stamp stuff at Porters right now! Clearance ones and just sale ones. only a $1.00 for most and some of those are in like a collection type thing.Most of them being the clear kind. I wish I could go and spend even 20 bucks one some. sigh...must resist I guess. Joann's is having a sale on stamp stuff too only they are more expensive. like these ones:
 very cool and has alot to it. Prob. worth it but at $8.99 for these babies....I guess there is like 12 of them so it ends up being less than a $1 a stuff.

If I could spend just $50 right now on stamp stuff this is what I'd get:
the above stamps for $8.99 at joanns
A cool quote set for $8.99 at joanns
Blocks for them to go on: Here's some for $13.19 at joanns

They also had them in the $1 basket at may be cheaper to do that route depending on what sizes I could find at Porters. Just from browsing super quick I only saw smaller ones, but maybe there were bigger ones for less....

OH! here we go. here's a great set for less at joanns: Only $11.99. and those are pretty much all the sizes I would use anyway. I'll still check around to see if I can get a set like this for cheaper.

So even with the 11.99 blocks I'm only at $29.97
I'd need to get some ink pads:

sale 2.39
They have these "chalk" ink pads that are cheaper but I have no idea how to use them and what they are for?
sale 2.99

sale 2.99

sale 2.99

All those ink pads above are from joanns. I'd prob.  only spend $12.00 total on ink pads if that depending on where and what price I can find them at. I know you can get a whole color wheel for around $11.00 so $41.93 now...
And the remainder of the money would go towards card stock so $8.07 for card stock. Usually the card stock stacks are around 9.99...but I'm sure I could get a decent amount of card stock for around $8.00. 

so ya:) That's not including tax but ya. If I could find the block things for cheaper, and spend just get some basic colors for the ink pads I could afford to get some more stamps like the one below and maybe some other holiday ones on clearance:

$2.99 at joanns

I'd like to get an embossing pad and some embossing powder stuff so I could do some embossing (obviously) but that's down the road...and I'd like to get some little things to make the cards more interesting like silk or paper flowers:

online only
sale 3.49

Or just get some punches like these:
online only
sale 11.79
 Here are some cheaper petals!

NOW $4.95  per pack

online only
sale 4.89
sale 9.09

I know I could find the punches cheaper!
 I have a few already (smaller ones) that would work for accents at first.

These are pretty cool (all from

271-Pc. Seasonal Embellishment Sets

271-Pc. Seasonal Embellishment Sets
Brads, Jewels, Buttons & More Come In A Handy Organizer
$7.95  per set  

Anyway...ya...well that's my want for the week...

Friday, February 26, 2010

Laptop Sleeves

I've prob. referenced to these before but I thought I'd put them all together for my own sake.

Laptop Sleeve with velcra flap
 Here's a link for a bunch of laptop sleeve/cozy patterns
12 laptop sleeves&cases
Still haven't found an actual zippered sleeve yet. The flap thing is kind of cute, but I think the magnetic button thing is better than velcro
Here we go! Closest I could get. We could totally make these easily in different sizes! And I'm sure ours would be much cooler!
Zippered Laptop Case

Fitted laptop computer case with zipper opening is lined and has fleece padding.  Instructions included to adjust size to fit any computer.
Material Required:
Fabric, Lining & Fleece 45" (115 cm) wide - 3/4 yd (0.70 m)
                                     or 60" (152 cm) wide - 1/2 yd (0.50 m)
Notions: Thread, one 22" (55 cm) zipper.

Here are my inspirations
Netbook Cover -- Lined and Padded Zipper Pouch for Your 10.2 Inch Mini Laptop

Laptop sleeve for a 13 inch Macbook

and the one at the very top of this post.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Vintage Backgrounds

I found a site that has some awesome blogger backgrounds and such that are vintage looking. Way cool stuff. check it out!

The Background Fairy

Example of a really cool one is this:

Free Blog Background - Antique Sheet Music & Flourishes - 3 Column

Crafty 5

Bath Toy Bag Tutorial 
from Make it and Love it


Paper Bead Necklace Tutorial
Link and following quotes are from Artmind Blog

This paper bead necklace is super easy and fun to make. Here is what you need:
Decopatch paper, Decopatch glue (or other varnish glue like ModPodge),
cotton paper beads, ribbon, wooden sticks, needle, glue pencil.
Tear pieces of Decopatch paper.
Tear them even smaller as we'll be working on
small paper beads so there will be less creases.
Take a wooden stick and stick it through the paper bead.
You can purchase the cotton paper balls in your local craftshop.
Put some glue in the lid of the jar.
Put some glue on the bead.
Dip your glue pencil in the glue and then pick up a tiny piece of paper with it. Stick it onto the bead and put some more glue over the piece of paper.
Then repeat until the bead is completely covered.
Let 'em dry.
I you like 'em shiny, then add another layer of varnish glue.
When they are dry, remove the beads from the sticks.
String the beads onto the ribbon.
And you're ready to go out!

How to make your own packaging HERE

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Vintage Clip Art

cool beans:)
Found a cool new site thanks to the How About Orange Site:)
Cool clip art site!

bags, sites, etc.

Amanda sent me this awesome new site with TONS of free patterns/tutorials on it! Thanks!:)
free patterns site
Here's a site with 42 Free Project for Baby on it. 
That's where I got the following diaper bag patterns from:)


I found another cool site with patterns:)

sew a diaper bag

WAY CUTE diaper bag (or purse for that matter)

free diaper bag pattern tutorial

diaper bag interior

diaper bag sewing pattern

Wow...looks really easy!

 (below is a direct quote from the above site!)

Wet Bag Pattern

sew a wet bagA wet bag has a thousand uses! Okay, I'm not going to list all of them but I do use my DIY waterproof bags for dirty diapers, dirty clothes with spills on them and wet beach clothes. I keep one tucked in my diaper bag when I go out and it comes in handy. Often.
Even if you don't use cloth diapers you will still use one! You can keep a clean change of clothes inside of one, ready to be swapped out if your baby spills, spits up or has a poop explosion down to her toes. Take out the clean clothes and put the dirty ones inside...all zipped up nicely, protecting all the other stuff in your bag. Wet bags are also fantastic when it comes to beach and pool trips! Toss in the wet swimsuit and all the other stuff in your bag stays dry. These are much prettier than a plastic bag, re-usable and washable too.

wet bag pattern

Okay, you've read my sales pitch (too bad I'm not selling these, eh?) and now you have to make one! So easy to sew, you just need the right ingredients, which are:
diaper wetbags
  • Waterproof Material - This can be PUL fabric (which is usually polyester fabric that is coated with plastic on one side) or vinyl. You can also use felted wool if you are wanting go to the all-natural route. Keep in mind that wool isn't waterproof, it will only absorb moisture but works fine for spills and beach clothes.
  • Outer Fabric (optional) - I never like the PUL fabric selection at my local fabric store, so I just buy the white stuff and then have an outer layer of pretty fabric.
  • Zipper - Length depends on the size of your bag. Yes, zippers can leak, but as long as you do not put cups and cups of water inside (why would you...) it should be fine. I've never had a problem with zippers. Some people just use drawstring closures.
Cut a rectangle of fabric and simply fold it to create the bottom. Put the shiny side of your PUL fabric on the inside of your bag, facing the contents. Sew on your zipper, sew up the side seams and then turn right side out. That is it! Now get yourself to the beach or pool and put it to good use.

This link has a TON of Purse Patterns!:)

Hobo bag 

Oh, by the way, this post is more for myself than anything:)

Large Patchwork Bag

Patchwork Bag 2