Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Way Behind Update!

So, I realized I am way past due for a family update! So here it goes:

We got family pictures taken last month:) My friend Alisha's took them! She did a fantastic job! 
Here are some of the pictures from the shoot:

Aren't they SO CUTE!

So last month we had Family pictures, my Aunt Bonnie came to visit and it was my Birthday!:) 
I also started a few new business ventures! I am now a Thirty-one Gifts Consultant (Bags, purses, wallets, organizing stuff, Thermal bags, accessories, etc.) They are SOOOO CUTE! I'm going to be using Thirty-one all over my house! And my car:)
I also became a consultant for Jordan Essentials! (Bath & Body Products for the whole family! They are Botanical based, non chemical, natural products that are safe for the whole family! And they are AMAZING! Their scents are amazing and ah! I'm in love!) 
Anyway, the links to my website are on my sidebar for both:)

So I'm kicking butt and taking the world by storm! 
Updates on the girls:

 Netflix--Caillou, The Fresh Beat Band (discovered yesterday), Super Why, Backyardagains, and Barney (Just to name a few). This last week it was all Caillou:)

The Park-- Any area outside the house really. The swings and slides are just a bonus!

Strawberries-- Any fruit really but that's her fav. That's my girl!

Camping-- She's never gone real camping yet but she loves it! Even a tent in the living room is the coolest ever! We will be going camping at Bear lake in July! She's going to be in heaven!

The Water! Pool, Hot Tub, Bathtub, Shower, Washing her hands, puddles, drinking it....

 Drawing & Coloring-On anything and everything! She can draw circles, flowers, spell Mom and working on her name and dad. Smart kid!
She can count to 10 and sing her ABC's along with MANY other songs! She LOVES to sing!
Her sister!--She loves Sophie to pieces! Sometimes too much! She likes to wake her up when she's sleeping because she wants to play with her:) So sweet!

Banana's, Candy, Spicy things, Cheese,!
She loves swings and slides!
She's a pretty happy go lucky girl who likes to run and play!:)

Things she hates-
Naps (most of the time)
Spiders (she thinks everything is a spider)
Snakes (smart girl)
She also doesn't like to have her hands dirty...let me rephrase that, she likes washing her hands:)
Or anything "scary"
And when her sister takes her toys...she hates that of course!

Sophie is a very happy baby! Unless she is tired or hungry then of course she is very grouchy!
She LOVES bananas, strawberries (any fruit!), her mommy, her sister, her daddy, her papa, her grammy, and all the rest of her family! 
She is walking (running and climbing)! She is into everything! And if she doesn't get what she wants she will let you know! 
She can say No, That, Mama, Dada, Papa, Up and has been trying to saying sister! And more words everyday! 
She just discovered slides and was already a huge fan of swings! She is way beyond her years! Always surprising me at how much she can do for such a little girl! She's only 10 months and already trying to keep up with her sister!
She loves to dance and tries singing! So cute! 
She points at everything and everyone if she likes them and loves to give hugs and kisses! 
She has 2 bottom teeth now (SO CUTE) and working on more! She has also taken to a binky...which I'm glad and not at the same time....bitter sweet...
She is just a fun loving, smiling, smart little 100 MPH girl!  :)

Here are some more pictures:) OH btw we moved! We moved to an apartment behind my parents apartment. We share a kitchen and an entrance, but it is super fun and the girls love seeing grandma and papa all the time! Our room is very 70's but it's all good. I'm slowly getting settled in...Anyway, here are pictures!

 Flowers from the green houses on campus! They are way cool!

 Our new place. Before I had stuff on the walls and the fish tanks weren't in these pictures either.
 Sophie's room is in the "closet" and I don't think I have a pic of Allison's room.

 My B-day cake:) I know mouth watering!

 Alli LOVES the gardens on campus! :) She always closes her eyes when she smiles it's so funny!

We've been to Yellowstone and on many drives, walks and adventures! 
 Anyway, just lovin life!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Jordan Essentials Rave!

Okay, so I know I'm a Consultant, but I wanted to share my opinion anyway! 
I just have to say, I LOVE my Jordan Essentials! I actually look forward to washing my hands and my 5 min get away from the kids in the shower is now like a day at the spa! Seriously! The sea salt exfoliate just puts the whole thing over the top! And boy does it make me all silky smooth! Cleanse with the Shower Gel, exfoliate with the sea salt scrub, and even use the yummy smelling shampoo& condition! Then hop out and pamper my skin more by moisturizing with either the body lotion or shea butter and seal it all in with the lotion bar and mommy stays baby soft all day& night & i don't have to re apply lotion 5 times a day! Best of all I can use it on my babies too! I don't have to go through the moisturizing with them 3 times a day! What time I save just adding 2 mins into my day! And I didn't even mention the awesome Aluminum free deodorant and awesome hydrating good smelling body spray (which I don't have to worry about my kids breaking out from me holding them so I can smell like a woman instead of a mommy again!)! I just love there products! I want to try all of them! I hear the face mask is to die for amazing! Who knew using natural products could be so pampering!OH! Did I mention the lotion bar does wonders for my feet! (The Exfoliate smooths my scratchy heels too!)I have these shoes that always hurt when I wear them, but because the lotion bar has a waxy kind of seal it helps lock in moisture and protects my feet from blisters! I was shocked and amazed! My feet are saved from heals now yay!:) Not only is it safer for me and my family but it's an awesome company too! That's why I decided to join the team! And by becoming a JE Consultant I get the opportunity to not only make a little extra money but to get free product AND pamper all of you! So this mommy is a happy girl!:)
I will be featuring a new item each month so come back to check out the awesome features!
You can check out some of the products yourself here:

You can also visit me on FACEBOOK

Saturday, June 2, 2012


Thank you for visiting my blog! As you prob saw on my last post I am a Jordan Essentials Consultant! I'm very proud to be providing all natural products to everyone! 

Thank you for visiting my blog! As you prob saw on my last post I am a Jordan Essentials Consultant! I'm very proud to be providing all natural products to everyone! 
Well, I am also very excited to tell you I am also a Thirty-One Gifts Consultant!

Thirty-One Gifts is a Christian based company with amazing products to help you organize you life at home and on the go! From organizing your car, to toys, to your craft room! 
They have awesome Customer Monthly Specials as well as great Hostess rewards
 (My kit set up for my 1st party!)
(My Market Thermal Tote in Circle Spirals Print! LOVE IT!)
And you can have an online/catalog party for those who are too busy or may be far apart to have a party!

If you check out the amazing products and love them as much as I do, and want to get paid to share something you love, then please consider joining my team and becoming a Thirty-One Consultant!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions! 

So go ahead and get started on your next organizing project and check out Thirty-one today!
***Click on the logo below to visit my direct site. If you would like to visit the corporate site please go to*** 
Jessica Moore

Jordan Essentials

I'm very excited to announce I am now a Jordan Essentials Consultant!

Jordan Essentials are Botanical based, all natural products for the everyday family! From Children's soaps and lotions, to adult lotions, soaps,deodorants, pampering sets, mineral make-up, and even Men's products! 

I love that my little ones can even eat the soap and I won't have to worry about them eating any harmful chemicals! They also show just what's in their products so you aren't guessing if it's safe or not! 

And if you are finding you want a lot of the products please take a look at Hosting a party so you can get free and half price items! If you are long distance consider just doing an online/catalog party! I can send you catalogs and order forms and you can hand them out and let your friends and family order online or with an order form and you can still reap the benefits of a regular party! A great way to share the great products without the pressure of a party! :)

If you'd like to
share these awesome products with others and get paid to party then
please take a look at Joining my team! I am the only Consultant in this
area so it is wide open for all! 

So take a look at my website below and please feel free to contact me with any questions! Just click on the Logo Below!

Thanks and have a beautiful day!

Jessica Moore