Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Crafty 2

 Pillow Covers
I think I more just like the fabrics on these. I have a couple of pillows that don't really match anything that need covered...I had black ones but I have no idea where they ended up at! Maybe they will show up again someday...
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 I decided to do more than one craft on this post:)
OKay, alot more than one:) Here's another Pillow Redo and Curtains:) LOVE IT

Screen Printed Drapes

And Matching Pillows

ADORABLE Baby Quilt from Moda! (For Mom)
I totally want one of these....not the baby, the quilt. I'm already getting the baby:)

 Quick & Easy Apron (This is an adorable pattern!)

 Here is a link to a bunch of cute apron ideas:) ENJOY CRYS!

Waterslide Decal Tutorial
This looks easy enough...Kind of a cool concept.

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