Sunday, February 21, 2010

Scrap Journal Continued...

Here's some links and stuff to help with the scrap journal. I like the video at the bottom of this link about how to make a cover/journal. Pretty cool idea.
I think the Collage Pauge she references to in the video might be cheaper and you get more for your money. Plus I like the idea that you have to pore it into something else to use it that way the lid doesn't get totally stuck for life! I'm going to check prices and see where they carry it. I know Joanns has a 8oz for 6.99 and Kmart has a 16 oz for 10.59. I've found it as cheap as 4 bucks so ya...I'm thinking I'm going to try this out and see how it compares to the Mod Podge...maybe I'm going to be wrong about the price thing...we'll see. I just don't like that there's like 10 billion different kinds of Mod Podge so it gets confusing about which is better for what project, etc. And there sparkle Mod Podge is for sure more expensive. I'll compare them and let ya know!

Different Book Binding Techniques from iHanna
Another Scrap Journal link

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