Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas 2011

 Above: I made the girls matching skirts
Below: Cute skirt for Sophia

 Above: Christmas Morning before opening presents
Below: Sweet Diaper Bag that Kassie Made for me

Above: I made a Key Holder to match:)
Below: The Sweet Thermoses--One for Alli one for me:) (seriously the best thermos ever!)

 Above: cool bags Kassie made to go in diaper bag. She also made a sweet changing pad to match that I forgot to take a pic of:)
Below: Sophia with her "softy" blanket Aunt Adri made

 Above: cool scarf mom made
Below: Sweet tv mom and dad got!

 Above: Alli's Magnadoodle. It's like her fav thing ever :) Mom likes it too!
Below: Sweet Cricut cartridges Silvia got me for Christmas. Seriously the coolest!
So this Christmas was a good one:) Allison is at the age where everything is so exciting and cool so she made it extra fun! Oh, while I'm thinking of it: Allison has said her own ni night prayers twice now:) Okay, so really we say it then she repeats it, but still! So cute!:) Also another update: Sophie is a pro at rolling over now and she is determined to crawl (she "turns" now). She LOVES the blanket Aunt Adri made her for Christmas:) It's her "softy". Allison is also into drawing now so look out walls! We got her a Magnadoodle for Christmas! It's her favorite:)

Anyway, We all go lots of things including: That cool shopping list thing that prints off that I know you all saw on Pinterest, Chan got a GPS with lifetime updates (sweet), Clothes, Gift Cards, Scarves, hat, sewing machine cover, fabric, other craft stuff, Alli got a little broom, vacuum set (she loves that too), anyway, I'll add more soon. Chow!


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

October Pictures Part 2

 My Dad & Chan's Salt Water Fish tank!

 I wanted to show Allison's beautiful long eyelashes!

 Say Cheese!:)
 My two funny girls

 Uncle Aaron and Sophie

 Sophie, Allison & Aaron
 She loves her sister!:)

 Allison was a duck for Halloween. She can say Ducky and says, "Quack, Quack". She also can say Trick or Treat but she didn't say a word to anyone when she was getting candy! She was so shy, but she sure took the candy!

 Lanea (And the Benson's) at the Trunk or Treat

Saturday, October 22, 2011

October Pictures Part 1

 So I know Halloween is still upon us so after that I'll have more pictures but I needed to post all these cute pictures of Sophia & Allison first! So here it goes:)....

 Sophie update: (or Fia as Alli calls her)
She is now 11 lbs!!! She eats plenty that's for sure! And she gets very stressed when Alli is around! But Allison loves her tons!  Sophia is also Smiling! SOOO CUTE!:) 
 Okay, I must tell you my secret to these pictures....first I must say All Hail Pinterest! haha I found this cool tip on Pinterest to use a business card to defuse my flash so it lights up my frame without washing it out! Here's before editing:
not the best example but ya. Do you see how the card lets the light go around but not on the subject!Love it! :) Doesn't blind babies either.

 Cute matching PJ's from Aunt Whitney:)

 Allison is talking like crazy, is very helpful nd loves to give hugs and kisses to all!
She is just SO CUTE!:)

 The many faces of Alli!:)
And these are her "pretties" (necklaces, scarves, hats, and hair things are all "pretty") She is all girl!

 She LOVES books these days! That and the show "Yo Gabba Gabba":)

Mod Podge Pumpkins!