Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Roll Over

Alli rolled over today!yay! here's the video:) Sorry it's so shaky.

The many faces of Allison

pillow covers

I can't take credit for my fab new pillow covers in my living room. My wonderful mom made them for me while I got much needed sleep when she was here.I picked out the fabric. She even took this pic!Thanks mom!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Diaper Codes 2

(#) = point value

DJDSMMZKDTKHNGB (8) (already been used?)
MHXTHZRQDLZWNGB (8) (already been used?)

These may be for pampers?

Edited Photos.

So instead of trying to post a million pictures on here I'm just going to link you to my album.
If you don't have a account you should! If you do sign up let me know first so I can send you an email refering you so I can get some free prints! The prints are only 8 cents a piece which is cheaper than I can find anywhere else. Plus they have some cool stuff you can order with your photos on. Oh, and they have poster and canvas sizes. Anyway, it's awesome. Check out my album and enjoy our little one!:)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Rebates/Ode to Amanda! haha

So I pretty much have the most amazing friend in the world who is pretty much the best couponer (if that isn't a word I think it should be)EVER. This girl knows how to save a buck let me tell ya! She can get more things for free than anyone I know!:)  She's the one who found all those awesome diaper reward points for me!

So ODE TO AMANDA! You are so great. You always find the best rebates! :o) ODE TO AMANDA
haha I'm a really bad poet!:oP

I'd share the awesome rebate stuff with you but I don't know how to attach a PDF file on here??

Diaper Codes

WELCOME2GTG0809 10 pts
GTGPLAY2USA2010 30 pts
JUSTBECAUSE2009 10 pts
GRATUIT89102009 10 pts
WELCOME2GTG2010 10 pts
MarFacebook2010 10 pts
GTGPLAY1USA2010 30 pts
GTGPLAY3USA2010 30 pts
GTGTEAMUSA2010 30 pts
NY7HKWDK4JND49R 36 points
NY7HKXCGRK4J3PD 36 points

Points from my previous post:
3TXRNF77KRKY63C (30 points)
XKCMYXFVD96VXVK (30 points)
DGN9JK3HGKG9X79 (36 points)
DGNHGR4JB9XRTPT (36 points)

(10 points awarded for registering also)


(and a little thing from Amanda! Thanks :))
Luvs® works great on leaks. In fact, we guarantee it! If you are not satisfied with the leakage performance of Luvs (compared to your current brand), we will refund your money. Simply send us your original receipt, the UPC from the diaper package, and one unused Luvs Diaper to the address below. This is limited to one redemption per household or name; no organizations, and the offer expires 12/31/10. Refund is the cost of one bag of diapers, plus $1 for postage.
Please allow six to eight weeks for your refund to arrive. We hope you will give Luvs another try! Just call
1-888-NO-LEAKS to speak to a Luvs representative.
Or send us a Luvs letter to the address below.
Luvs Leakguard Guarantee Offer P.O. Box 900177 EI Paso, TX 88590-0177


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Allison Pictures/Videos

0-2 Week Pictures and Videos
Notice how small she is. Not how messy my bed is!
Her little feet:) Notice how small they are compared to my fingers. She has my long fingers and toes for sure:) 
Me & Alli. I realized I didn't have any pictures of me & her together. Not where you can see my body anyway:)
Proof that she is a normal baby who cries. Okay, si I've really only heard her REALLY cry like 3 times. This is more her frustrated/fussy look
Alli smiling at Grandma:)
Some of you have requested a picture of her being held by someone (a full body view) so you could see how little she really is:)
She likes to sleep with her hands up like this. It's so funny!:) She looks like Moses in the one above haha

Kind of dorky videos from the day before the C-Section

Our Baby Week 2

So here's my update for everyone!:)
Allison is growing and doing great. She's a little wiggle worm and loves listening to music. Especially Celtic Woman. She also likes to look at the fish already. Even though I know she can't really focus on them she seems to find them fascinating. Everyone who has seen her has commented on how gorgeous she is. I may be biased but she is a pretty beautiful newborn. She doesn't look all funny like alot of newborns do. She's simply perfect. Yes, she has had her "rough moments" where she just simply is not happy for anything, but she sleeps and eats really well. She sleeps for 3-4 hours at a time and eats good in between. Last night she slept for a little over 5 hours straight! I can't complain with that! She eats once before I go to bed, then twice in the night (at around 11 or 12 and then again around 3 or 4am). This of course is not exact because it depends on when she goes to sleep for the night and if she sleeps a little longer or shorter in between. Then she usually sleeps until around 8 or 9am. So I really can't complain about her sleeping schedule! She has had a tough time breast feeding and getting enough milk, etc. But we have got all that pretty well taken care of and down now. We've got a little sleeping schedule down pretty good too so ya! I couldn't ask for a better baby!:)
She has even had some "happy awake time" during the day too. So that is good.
Lets see...I wanted to mention some of the "firsts" she's had already!:)
*1st day at church
*1st trip to walmart (she's been there a couple times)
*1st Shopping Trip (Even if we did take shifts and stayed with her in the car. We forgot the stroller:P)
*1st Trip to Lowes, Kmart, The Dollar Tree & DI
*1st Relief Society Activity (she was upset and fussy during the whole "talk" part of it. she's usually really good. She did settle down once it was time for the dinner part though!)
*1st trip to the WIC office
*1st pediatric apt
*1st smile
*1st time away from me! (me and my mom ran to the store while she was at home with daddy asleep)
*1st shots (with me there) It was so sad, but she was more annoyed than upset. She hardly cried, she was half asleep when it was going on and then she fell back asleep after it was all done! What a trooper!
*1st bad spit up! haha Yesterday she must have had an upset stomach because she spit up alot. All over daddy, me and grandma all in one day!:)
*1st little book
and of course she's already had her *1st car ride
*1st real bad night (didn't sleep well & seemed to just want to be next to mommy all night)
*1st time having her nails clipped
*1st time talking to daddy on the phone (okay, she just listened and she wasn't really sure what was going on haha)
*1st picture taken (of course there's been lots of that!)
*1st time "on video" (I will post videos when I can)
I'm sure I'm missing some but I can't think of them now.
She's growing so fast! I'll post what her weight is after her 2 week apt. on Monday. She's past her birth weight I know that!

 As far as me...I have no idea what my weight is now (it was 128 the last time I got weighed). I think I may have at least lost some inches due to things shrinking down and not being swollen & such. I seriously look freaking hot still! I'm really surprised at how good I look after having a baby! 
Anyway, that's my update for now! I'm sure I'll post more later!

OH and just a little random side note:
Chandler went and got the new Twilight movie (New Moon) last night at Midnight! There were about 400 people behind him who didn't get one last night so that's cool!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Crafty 7

 Hemp Ball Accents
Very brilliant idea huh!

wrap skirt. This looks super easy and way cute! I'm totally going to make one!

Wrap Skirt


Tuesday, March 9, 2010


So I forgot to add that Allison was born on the same day that Pam & Jim (from "The Office" TV show had there baby on the same day as allison! :) Just thought that was kind of cool.

We had a WIC apt and  Alli had a Dr. apt today. Both went great. The Dr. gave us some formula (milk based instead of soy based) and WIC gave us some as well (just the powder kind though). Anyhow, I'm glad we had alot of support in that area! We get a little more food through WIC now as well which is nice. Her weight is at 5 lbs 11 ozs already! only an oz away from her birth weight! The Dr. said she holds up her head alot better than most newborns too. All in all we got a great bill of health!
And I am only 128 lbs I found out today. So that's sweet! I was 139lbs when I went in for surgery. So I already lost 11lbs baby! :)

So ya, that's my update for now. Just loving my little angel baby and am healing super well from my C-Section!Take care all!


Monday, March 8, 2010

Allison Cove Moore

Allison Cove Moore
Born Thursday March 4th, 2010 @12:39 p.m.
at Madison Memorial Hospital 
in Rexburg, Idaho

5 lbs 12 ozs
18 1/2 inches long

I had her by C-Section. The operation went perfect and I have been healing very quickly. I'm up and walking, etc. just fine without much pain at all. The incision (didn't take a picture. I figured no one wanted to see it!) is healing great and doesn't look too bad.
She sleeps and eats really well and is very healthy. 
We had some problems with feeding (not being able to latch and not producing enough for her) but have gotten everything taken care of. 

She's pretty much the most beautiful, content, wonderful baby ever!:) 

She has dark brown hair and you can't tell what color her eyes are yet (still newborn black) but they kind of look like they are going to be brown. No idea were this child came from but she is super cute!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


So Miss Alli has decided that she is comfortable just the way she is--breech--and so we have made the decision to go ahead and have a C-Section tomorrow at 12 noon. (March 4th). We have to go in at 10:30am to get checked in and all prepped for surgery! So yay! :)
Tomorrow is of course Chandler's Birthday as well:) He actually chose to do it on his birthday instead of today. Something about never having to celebrate his birthday anymore. I think he just wants 2 cakes! haha she's breech because her head is up, well sideways really, and I guess her feet are up by her she's chilling in a little ball sideways...not really good for giving birth vaginally. So we're going to have to pull her out by force (haha that sounds bad). I know she'd like to chill in there forever, but that position just won't work and there's not a ton of fluid left at this point so it's unlikely that she will turn the right way before I go into labor. Sooooo ya!
I have had the feeling that she was going to come early and I guess I was right!:) Just maybe not in the way I had expected.
I am very calm and comfortable with the idea of a C-Section. I mean afterall, I don't have to go through hours of contractions then hours of hard labor right! I will just have a scar on my tummy and a bit of pain there for awhile. Which I'm totally okay with. I thought I was going to have to be on bed rest, not be able to get up and walk around, wouldn't be able to lift my baby, etc....BUT the Dr. said they actually encourage me to walk around, shower, etc. so that I don't get blood clots. I will have desolving stitches from the inside so don't have to worry about stitches being taken out or bothered. And it's perfectly fine to lift the baby as long as I'm careful around my scar area and everything. So YAY, that makes me feel very good.
Anyway, I am very excited that she is coming tomorrow! Chandler I think is super nervous, but I'm actually less nervous and more excited now:) He asked me today if I was nervous YET haha. Of course that will prob. change when I'm in the hospital on a operating table getting a needle stuck in my back and numbing the entire bottom half of my body and being poked in a million places with needles and crap. But ya, at the moment I'm more excited and anxious to get it done!:)
I will of course post pictures and an update after I am home and feeling up to it. I hope my camera decides to be nice to me and I get some good pictures of our little one:)
Take Care!