Friday, February 19, 2010

Crafty 3

 Magnetic Board
 The molding actually matches the molding in the town house...but I really have no room for this sort of thing right now...maybe someday:)

 Ruffled Skirt made from recycled shirts!
(I'd make mine longer of course, but it's cute! I bet this would be cute for little girls too!)

I'm thinking it's time Chandlers shirts that are like a size Small are prob. never going to fit him again. I hate to just see them sitting up in the closet collecting dust until he magically becomes a size Small again...which chances are he may get down to a Medium (if he works really hard at it) but prob. never going to see the Small size any time soon. So maybe I could raid his closet after the baby is born...motivation to loose weight after the baby comes right!
 changing pad (boy version but I'm sure that can be changed easily)

Sun Printing
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