Monday, February 22, 2010

Crafts & Baby Stuff

So I am attempting to make a photo album for Alli using the sewn paper method. I laid everything out this time (my first attempt at testing the method out kind of turned out weird, but it was more of a practice anyway. Pictures are at the bottom of the post). I used a cereal box to make the "cover"/"base". It works great because then I don't have to make a binding. If it turns out not to work then I guess I will have to cut out the binding part and redo. All these pictures show it before being sewn. I just made one little line of a stitch to show you kind of how I'm going to do this. I'm going to try and use different stitches to make it more interesting. I'll post the final photos when I'm done:)
This was my first attempt at the whole sewn paper thing. Didn't exactly turn out like I wanted it too, but it was good practice!
This is the big mess I made...actually it looks worse. I also wanted to show that you can use more than just cereal boxes. You could use old fruit snack boxes, cracker boxes, etc. if you wanted to make it bigger or smaller.
The last 2 pictures are just to show how we changed up the craft room. Kassie did a really good job at that! Thanks Kassie!


So my AMAZING friend Amanda threw me a Surprise Baby Shower on Saturday! I totally didn't expect it AT ALL! I walked in, they said "Surprise" and I still didn't realize what was going on for a few seconds! haha It was awesome! She had a pasta salad, cheese dip, punch (my favorite kind with sorbet and sprite!), strawberry shortcake (AMAZING!) ya...she totally nailed it! she invited a few of her friends from work (the only one I can remember her name for SURE is Bonny--memory is horrible!) What sports to go to a baby shower for someone they don't even know! They were all really nice and we played some baby shower games (all very creative and fun), ate more m&m's than we should have, and opened presents! Oh, and of course we talked our little heads off:)
So ya, that was the highlight of my whole year! I can't say enough times how amazingly awesome Amanda is!:) Thanks girl you're the best!
So I wanted to post pictures of the things I got from the shower. Sorry we didn't take pictures (prob. should have thought about this, but it was a surprise so ya). Oh, and I didn't take a pic of the baby wipes I got from Liz but ya! Can never have enough of those! And sorry if I missed something! 
Bonnie got me those things above! Totally cute right!?

I think Bonnie got me these keys too! Props!

Liz got me this cute doll (or alli I guess haha) and some wippies! The doll rattles, crinkles, and squeaks! It has little wings. Adorable!
She needed toys. I don't have like a single toy for her! Thanks gals!
Amanda got me these:) Can never be too prepared. I didn't have a bottle or anything like that yet so props there! and of course she threw the awesome party!
Cute washcloths and baby towel set! Just what I needed! Cheri is the one who got them for me Thanks! (Amanda reminded me of their names)
It's amazing. They totally all hit it dead on! I needed every bit of what I got. Thanks everyone!:)
And I can't remember if I posted pictures of the new clothes we bought and the ones whitney got us, but here they are!:)

Baby Clothing Finds

These are all outfits we have found at either Mommy N Me, DI or Walmart Clearance Rack:) I also did find some plain white tops for newborns (like you were telling me about mom that are good for when they have there ambilical cord still)--My spell check isn't working sorry.--
I know I haven't included everything we have found, but these are some recent ones.
Above are Shirts from Mommy N Me
 The white top was only like $1.50. We found 2.
The pink one was only like $1.50 as well I believe. If not it wasn't much more than that.
We also got this "Starving Student Card" which has like discounts and free stuff for all sorts of businesses around here in Rexburg, Rigby & Idaho Falls. It has food, retail, entertainment, etc. Anyway, there's an unlimited use one that's 5% off your entire order at Mommy N Me. So I saved like 40 something cents on the outfits and such last time we went!

Mommy N Me--3 piece set for $4.50 Carters I believe. Very nice!
Above are Both Walmart Clearance rack finds!

Anyway, here are the clothes Chan's sister Whitney got for us. I can't remember if I already posted pictures of them or not, but they are SO CUTE!:)
SUPER ADORABLE RIGHT!?:) Target specials baby!
She needed another cute little dress too. 

I want to go with my mom to Mommy N Me after the baby is born and get some more clothes for her. I can also trade in some of my pregnant pants I got there that got a little snugger towards the end here and get store credit:) So ya. It's the coolest place ever and they always have cute, cheap stuff!
I'm prob. getting a bit carried away with the baby stuff, but if we end up having 3 more boys I can always take the girl clothes to Mommy N Me and get store credit and get boy stuff!:)

Anyway, I think that's all my new excitement!:) I prob. need to get some other things done today! Love you all tons and Thanks for everything!:)


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Becky said...

What cute new baby stuff! Sounds like you had a good time at the baby shower and you are all set now. See you in a couple of weeks!