Tuesday, February 16, 2010


So I decided that when I find a good idea I'm just going to make a new post for it instead of adding to my older post. Then people actually see it on the feed. This is one that I just found. I find like at least 1 idea a day :) I'd like to either do something like this or do a vinyl something or other on the wall behind our bed. I might look putting the vinyl on wood so I can take them to where ever we happen to go next instead of taking it down and not being able to use it again. So ya, here's my creative inspiration for the day!
I have no clue what Ballard's is (assuming it's a cool decor store or something) but this tutorial is called "Ballards Knock off"

Her Ballard's Inspiration:

 And what she actually made:

Easy as pie!:) And mmm do I like pie!


mamasteph said...

We have several vinyl images in our home, and we put them on wood, which has made it possible to take them with us everywhere we move! So much better than just throwing them away when you move!

Crystal said...

That is cute! I like the Ballard's one better than hers though. I think the black is harsh. I like the light deeper frames. . . . and I like the color patterns better too. :)

You could totally do this yourself though. Vynal (probably spelled that wrong) is so trendy right now, and kinda impractical I think. This is a good choice.