Friday, April 30, 2010

New stuff

So I forgot to post a few new garage sale finds I got last weekend!
I found a Cricut Machine--Personal one--for only $80!!! Now I just need to figure out how to get it connected to my computer! It's way cool and I'm way excited to use it! I want to do a bunch of vinyl stuff!
I also found the cute pic/sketch of Christ with the little girl I've been looking for. For only $1!!! originally $20! Plus lots of ribbon for 15 cents a roll.
I have also made alot of clear gem/rock pendants lately. Check them out here:
I'm thinking about making a Snake River Worms& Castings one. haha

Well, I think that's all the news. I'm going to go enjoy my smiley girl!


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Our Big Girl

Allison has been quite the big girl lately! She has gotten more hair,lifted her head really good during tummy time, grown out of her bassinet,is more awake during the day,has tried to roll over from back to tummy,she fits in her 0-3 month clothes now, AND she SMILED today!:D Here's the video! yay!She has such a cute smile! Ignore my baby talk

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

So we found the coolest site the other day! The site is  they have bulk boxes of diapers, you can use manufacture coupons and codes, they are cheaper than even walmart, free shipping, plus there referral program!For ever person you refer you get a $5 credit and if the person you refer puts in the referrers code they get $10 off there first purchase! It's pretty much the sweetest thing EVER! They have diapers, wipes, cream, strollers,clothes,breast feeding stuff,formula,baby food, toys, etc,etc,etc.
Anyway, it's awesome so you should check it out! My referral code is: MXXR6779
or you can put in my email address:



Sunday, April 18, 2010

Thrifty Cricut

So I wasn't going to get a cricut machine because of the continuous cost, but after I found this post it might be worth it!
Thrifty ways to save BIG with your Cricut Machine

I think the vinyl tip is really helpful! I was trying to figure out where to get it!

I have had so many questions, comments, and e-mails lately about the cricut....I thought a nice little post was in order! So many people are afraid of their machine and don't know where to start. Others are considering buying one, but worry about the added cost of supplies. Guess what? I felt exactly the same way when I first got mine. It totally intimidated me. So today I'm gonna hold your hand and walk you through the scary parts. And I'll share with you some helpful tips I've learned along the way. So.....let's get started!

First of all, don't be afraid of it...embrace it. The possibilities are endless and they're just waiting for you to figure them out. Literally, every single time I sit down to use my cricut I find out something I didn't know before. There is a wealth of knowledge to be gained through trial and error. Another thing that bothers people about the cricut is all the added costs. This is where they really get out! The cricut can easily nickle and dime you to death.....don't let it. I'm here to tell you that there are creative ways to get around buying all those expensive cartridges and constantly replacing those sticky mats.

Frugal tip #1...the best advice I can give you is to buy the Sure Cuts A Lot (SCAL) software. For an initial investment of about $75, you will be afforded the luxury of never having to buy another cartridge again. Each cricut cartridge will run you anywhere from $40 - $90. SCAL will allow you to hook your cricut up to your computer and use any true type font, dingbat, or wingding you already have. There are tons of websites out there that offer free downloadable fonts (google it). Another thing I love about it is that you can design your own stuff right there on the computer monitor. It shows the mat with the dimensions and everything. What you see on your computer screen is exactly what gets cut. You can move your image anywhere on the mat, resize it, weld it to another image, just about anything.....pure awesomeness. Ladies, let me tell you.....this software is invaluable and will save you hundreds of dollars! I seriously cannot say enough about it. I LOVE it. It is easy and very straight forward. And if I can do it....anybody can.

Ok, let's talk vinyl. I know y'all loooooove the vinyl. It is actually my absolute favorite thing to do with my cricut. I was so intimidated at first, like many of you. I started out watching some YouTube videos on cutting vinyl, and I was good to go. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. Again, don't be afraid of it....embrace it. You'll never learn if you never try, right? Frugal tip #2 is to buy your vinyl somewhere other than the craft store. They only have a few colors, you barely get any, and it's $10 a roll. I buy all of my vinyl at our local sign shop. They sell it by the yard (24" x 36") for about $6. I think that's a great deal, especially since I can pretty much get any color I want. They have tons and tons of colors to choose from and to top it off, it's excellent quality. I had one reader tell me that her local shop actually gives her their scraps of vinyl. Most of us are likely not that lucky, but it never hurts to ask, right? I have established a friendly relationship with the staff at my local place. They joke when they see me coming that it's "the cricut lady" again, and that I'm going to put them out of business. Actually most of their customers who buy vinyl by the yard are cricut owners....word is spreading fast!

This is just a sample of some of the things I've cut out in vinyl with my cricut and the SCAL software. The birdcage font I paid 99 cents for....LOVE. I'm working on a cute canvas door hanger for my sister that I'll show you in a day or two.

Cutting Vinyl 101

I usually cut a piece of vinyl off the roll, close to the size I want my image to be. I hate waste. I set my pressure to medium, my blade depth to 5, and my speed on max. You want the blade to cut through the vinyl, but not the paper backing. After your image is cut, you'll need to peel away the excess vinyl. This includes the outside edges, the middle, even those tiny bits and pieces in between each cut....see above. When you're all done picking it'll have a beautiful vinyl image ready to play with.

Next you will need to use a transfer paper or tape to lift the image off the paper backing. Frugal tip #3.....use contact paper. I cut off a piece the size I need and I reuse it over and over and over again. I bought a $3 roll of the stuff about 6 months ago and I am just now running out. The roll they sell at the craft store is even smaller than the roll of vinyl they sell, and it's also about $10.

Once you have your transfer paper cut, peel it off the paper backing and lay it on top of the image...sticky side down. Now run your fingernail, a scoring tool, a credit card,or a pampered chef scraper (perfect for this) over the image with some pressure. As you peel the transfer paper away, the image should peel right up with it. If some of the vinyl is not pulling up, simply lay the transfer paper back down and rub harder. That should do it.

Now you're ready for the fun part. You can stick vinyl to pretty much, walls, painted wood, unpainted wood, notebooks, canvas, frames, plates...just about anything. Paneling and textured surfaces are tricky, but can be done.

For demonstration purposes I chose to put this image directly onto the glass of a frame. Lay your transfer paper, sticky side down. Be sure and score it like I said before with your fingernail or other tool. You want it to be stuck down pretty good before you start peeling the transfer paper away. As you peel, rock it back and forth, and peel it back onto itself.

My cute little impromptu frame for spring. Now that I'm looking at it, I guess I should have laid the bird down first. He should be behind the bars of the birdcage, not in front. Oh well, live and learn, right?

Frugal tip #4.....repurpose your unsticky cutting mat and make it sticky again. I shared this tip with y'all back in February and got a huge response from that one simple trick. You can read about how to do that here. It is so simple and it works like an absolute dream. It will seriously make your old worn out mats as good as new!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

storage boxes

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Allison Update

Here are a handful of photos I mentioned in a previous post!They're super good huh!

So I wanted to add more "Firsts" to the list. She's had her
first general conference
1st time rolling over (see previous post HERE)
1st Easter--we were lame and didn't get her a dress or do anything special. I even forgot to get a ham! And I hadn't even planned dinner! We ended up having Ritz Chicken stuffed with Bacon, mashed potatoes, pasta salad, and corn on the cob.
1st smile (okay, it may have been gas, but it was at the perfect time! I was blowing on her tummy and I swear she giggled a little and smiled! Prob. can't count this one yet...)
She even Skyped the day she was born! So I guess we can add that!
1st blow out
oh, i don't know if she had this 1st last time, but she's had her 1st shower, and many showers sense then.
1st photo shoot
Photos from that above!
She's been to the shop before too
anyway...i think that's it.

I wanted to add a couple things. One being I wanted to list some of the music that is popular right now and that I like to listen to right now.The other I can't remember at the moment because I just went off on the music stuff...hmmm... This isn't what I was thinking but we're going to be taking a little trip to Cody, Wyoming to visit Chandler's grandma Zelda. We'll also be visiting cody itself and some other friends. We leave tomorrow and will come back Friday. So it should be a nice little trip. (I need to pack still...)
Anyway, still can't think of the other thing I was thinking...I'm sure I'll think about it in the middle of church or something.
I guess something new it that Chandler got a new gun (did I mention this already?) a nice 380.
I also just remembered that I'm going to be having a garage sale prob. this month sometime. I need to get rid of some things that I've just been packing around. Like knick knacks that are pointless and cluttery, some clothes I know I don't fit in anymore (unless my boobs shrink down to what they used to be, which if they do would be along time anyway), some VHS tapes (we don't have a VCR so they are pointless) and some other DVD's we have double of for some reason. I will prob. sell the shelf in the closet Crystal and Dave left. It just isn't very functional for me right now. And prob. our coffee table. I want to get a safer one. And one that has storage in it that the guys can actually put there feet on without me freaking out like this one:

Wildon Home Oxnard Rectangular Storage Ottoman in Black
well, i want it to be like chan's parents. one that has 2 lids without hinges, pretty deep, leather, etc. Anyway...That's the plan anyway. 
Remind me to not send my husband to the store alone again. haha He always seems to come back with extra things. Like last night we sent him for some ingredients for dinner and he came back with 2 clearance outfits for Allison and some other things. Not even close to the food section! haha Oh well, at least he got what we asked him to get. Anyway, here's the list of Popular Music/Artists right now:

Taylor Swift and Owl City

Some others that are popular and yes, i do listen to, but that are more for 12 and 13 year olds are Miley Cyrus & The Jonas Brothers

Other popular music right now:
Beyonce (not a huge fan)
Chris Rice (love his song lemonade)
The Fray
Rascal Flatts (still popular despite how old they are)
Five for Fighting (keep in mind these are popular in MY mind. Prob. not in the worlds)
Lady GaGa
Black Eyed Peas
ETC, etc, etc.
One of my fav. songs by owl city (Fireflies) was on the top ten for 2 months straight! Until March when a bunch of gay songs came out!
Here's the 2010 Top 10 Archive LINK

Okay, so here's the top 10 chart for the week Allison was born:
4 March 2010 -- Top 10 Songs of the Week -- Chart 00371
Song Title Artist
1 1 Need You Now Lady Antebellum
2 2 TiK ToK Ke$ha
3 4 Imma Be Black Eyed Peas
4 3 I Gotta Feeling Black Eyed Peas
5 5 Bad Romance Lady GaGa
6 7 Hey, Soul Sister Train
7 6 Party In The U.S.A. Miley Cyrus
8 8 Blah Blah Blah Ke$ha Featuring 3OH!3
9 -- Break Your Heart Taio Cruz Featuring Ludacris
10 -- In My Head Jason Derulo

And this weeks list:
I like #2, #6, and I think #1?? the rest I just find annoying! I pretty much hate #9! It's retarded and annoying! Unfortunately other people don't share the same feelings so it is played ALOT on the radio. LAME!
1 April 2010 -- Top 10 Songs of the Week -- Chart 00376
Song Title Artist
1 1 Need You Now Lady Antebellum
2 2 Hey, Soul Sister Train
3 7 Rude Boy Rihanna
4 3 Imma Be Black Eyed Peas
5 6 Telephone Lady GaGa Featuring Beyonce
6 4 I Gotta Feeling Black Eyed Peas
7 9 Nothin' On You B.o.B Featuring Bruno Mars
8 8 Break Your Heart Taio Cruz Featuring Ludacris
9 5 TiK ToK Ke$ha
10 -- Blah Blah Blah Ke$ha Featuring 3OH!3

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Idea

What a cute idea!:)

Easter Basket Hunt 3
First off, I wanted to share a tradition with you.  At our homes the Easter Bunny doesn’t just leave our baskets out on the counter for us.  The baskets are hidden.  When we were little we would wake up to basically a yarn nest!  Our baskets were hidden and then had yarn tied to them and then the yarn is ran through the whole house.  With 4 baskets tied off with yarn, that ends up making quite an Easter nest! 
Some tips when doing this:
Use a different color of yarn for each person. 
For the youngest kids an adult helper is necessary.
Use less yarn for younger kids, and more for the older kids.  This way they will all finish around the same time.
For older kids go out windows, around the house, and come back in the back door!  They love this and it makes it more of a challenge for them.
Start them off in unique ways:
Easter Basket Hunt 1
The end of the yarn should be left at the kids door.  To let them know which yarn is theirs you should tie them off in unique ways. 
Easter Basket Hunt 2
We have had name tags, shoes, the yarn in the letters of their names, etc.  This is my favorite tradition that we have for Easter!  I love that my parents did this for us, and I love that it is what my kids are most excited for!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Allison Pictures

So today my sister in-law took some ADORBALE pictures of Allison for us. They turned out SOOOO CUTE! Here's the link to the album;

I'll prob. post the pictures on here soon, but my right click isn't working on this computer.
Enjoy!:) OH, and if you join let me know before you do so I can send a request to you so I can get hooked up with some free prints!