Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ideas, Ideas, and MORE Ideas:)

 celtcraft necklace tree
make a jewelry bust HERE
necklace bust
 Jewelry Display TUTORIAL

make necklace displays

necklace display bust with roses
T-bar display made from firewood, dowels and old deck boards 

Unconventional, rustic materials make great jewelry displays

 Necklace holder idea HERE
Custom cardstock necklace holder - ready to hang on a hook

How to Make This
Easy Necklace Holder / Hanger:

You take cardstock in pretty colors or designs (whatever suits your design or display) and cut it in 4"x2" strips.

You can take your cardstock to Office Depot or Office Max or any store like that, and they will cut it in strips for you at very little cost - and they are even. :-)

Fold one of these strips in half.

Now it open up again.

On each edge of the crease, punch out a hole so it goes off the paper (as shown in the middle photo above).

Now thread the necklace through these holes.

Fold the strip again on the fold line with the necklace inside, and staple at the top (as shown in the last photo above).

Just below the staple, punch a hole in the middle for hanging.

(Optional: punch two extra holes to hold matching earrings, as shown in photo.)

Put a small label with your name on it, and there ya have it - ready to hang on any hook.

What you can do with shoe boxes 

Click pictures below
Dark Brown w/ Silver Hardware, Light Pink w/ Black Hardware and Bright Red w/ Gold Hardware
Click on picture below
Flea-market bottles with wired twine branches
Necklace Panels and Magnetic Folding Jewelry Screen
"Sweet" card idea found HERE
I like the idea of stapling it on.

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