Saturday, March 20, 2010

Allison Pictures/Videos

0-2 Week Pictures and Videos
Notice how small she is. Not how messy my bed is!
Her little feet:) Notice how small they are compared to my fingers. She has my long fingers and toes for sure:) 
Me & Alli. I realized I didn't have any pictures of me & her together. Not where you can see my body anyway:)
Proof that she is a normal baby who cries. Okay, si I've really only heard her REALLY cry like 3 times. This is more her frustrated/fussy look
Alli smiling at Grandma:)
Some of you have requested a picture of her being held by someone (a full body view) so you could see how little she really is:)
She likes to sleep with her hands up like this. It's so funny!:) She looks like Moses in the one above haha

Kind of dorky videos from the day before the C-Section

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