Tuesday, March 9, 2010


So I forgot to add that Allison was born on the same day that Pam & Jim (from "The Office" TV show had there baby on the same day as allison! :) Just thought that was kind of cool.

We had a WIC apt and  Alli had a Dr. apt today. Both went great. The Dr. gave us some formula (milk based instead of soy based) and WIC gave us some as well (just the powder kind though). Anyhow, I'm glad we had alot of support in that area! We get a little more food through WIC now as well which is nice. Her weight is at 5 lbs 11 ozs already! only an oz away from her birth weight! The Dr. said she holds up her head alot better than most newborns too. All in all we got a great bill of health!
And I am only 128 lbs I found out today. So that's sweet! I was 139lbs when I went in for surgery. So I already lost 11lbs baby! :)

So ya, that's my update for now. Just loving my little angel baby and am healing super well from my C-Section!Take care all!


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