Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New Digs & Christmas Stuff

Above: My Messy living room :P
I need to figure out where to put all my decor...

Chan's Fish Tank

My crazy Christmas Living Room

Ho Ho Ho...Notice Chandler being all "smart"
looking in all the pictures. haha

Part of my kitchen...Not very exciting right now.
It's much bigger than what you can see in this picture.

Our Very Colorful Kitchen Table

Upstairs Bathroom-boring...

Spare Room--Very sad looking right now.
I'm sure Kassie will do wonders for it when she's here!

Craft Room Bed (All made and everything)

Our Christmas Village (see video below)


Kassandra Groll said...

Haha, of course Chandler would pretend to be all smart looking.. Nobody holds that pose, naturally, for the entire time it took you to take those photos. lol

Yeah, I don;t know yet how we want to do our room, but I'll spruce it up a bit. =)

Aquilter said...

Gotta love all the space you have now after that tiny little apartment in Cody! Isn't it fun? See you soon!