Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Blast From the Past

awww....I was SO CUTE !haha


I wanted to show you how bleached out my hair got in the summer when i was younger

Funny the pictures you can dig up hehehe

This was the year I got a rock stuck in my elbow:S

yaa...i was a goofball

Jake, Crys, Me& Aaron-The year crys was expecting Audrey

Chrissy, Me, Melissa, Ashley, Elahna, Marissa & Jenna (sorry if spelt wrong)

?, Margie, Keira, Glessie & Me-Stake Dance

Me & Lindsey Cooper

Can anyone guess who this guy is?
Me & Keira at a stake dance

Senior Pic

Me, Lindsey & Megan Cooper

Me and Elyse at Disneyland

San Diego Pictures. Me with the kids: Solly, Max&Ainsley

Me and Chan Dating:)

We were married in these two pictures I think.

engagement pic

Newlyweds awww

Not so distant past-our wedding day

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