Monday, December 31, 2007

San Diego/Yuma

A Few Pictures from the Reception in Yuma:

This is Jensea, Chandler's sister, His Nephew Preston and of course Chandler!

Chandler's Mom made these delicious mints and chocolates! They are to die for!

I, of course, forgot our garment bag with my wedding dress, dad's suit, and chandler's suit in the Hotel room in San Diego. My retarded brain waves were not working well.
So i borrowed Chandler's Sister's wedding dress, Chandler borrowed his dad's suit and Dad borrowed a neighbors suit. It made things interesting. I felt awkward in the dress, but it was defiantly gorgeous.

OUR FIRST VACATION TOGETHER...With my parents...But it was fun!!

Chandler and Jessica at Birch Aquarium

Flowers at the Botanical Garden Museum in Balboa Park

Balboa Park Pictures. GORGEOUS isn't it!

This is Chandler at Point Loma

Point Loma

Me and Chan at Old Town

Chandler Goofing off at Old Town. haha

We stayed in San Diego the first few days. We went to Birch Aquarium in La Jolla, Old Town, Walked around the temple, Went to Balboa Park, down to Point Loma, and visited the Jackman Family. It was all alot of fun, and we'd all like to go back again to see more.
There's tons more pictures, but I'll just give you a little tease for now! Love ya all tons!


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