Monday, December 3, 2007

It's getting CLOSER!!!=D

It's 4 days until we get married! Pretty crazy huh!
Most everything is done with as far as prep goes. We have a couple more things we still have to pick up before the big day, but other than that, things are going great!
Me and Chandler decided we should have a few little pets. Sense we can't have a dog yet, we got fish. We were just going to have one tank. It's now, with dad's help, grown to 3 tanks; 20 gal, 40 gal, and 55 gal. They're pretty cool. We got mom a "Dorthy" fish. (aka a goldfish like Elmo has) Our Dorthy is white and orange though. I took some videos of them. Check em out!

The Big Tank is downstairs in the dinning room. The boys ( Dad and Chandler) like to just sit in front of it and just look at them. It's pretty cool, but i don't stare at it as much as them. It can be relaxing though.

The 20 gallon tank is in my room. It's not as pretty as the one downstairs, but it's kind of cool. We have guppies and such.

The 40 gallon tank is in the bathroom. It's on the floor right now. Hopefully we'll have it on a stand here soon. It has all Sicleds. (I prob. spelt all these names wrong. Oh well.)

It's good for us to have our own pets. It gives us something to do. :)

Here's a picture of my dress. Not on me, but you'll see PLENTY of pictures with it on me pretty soon!

Top Half View Bottom Half View

Whole View--It kidn of looks funny in this picture. The train is pulled up in the back.

In the picture on the right you can kind of see my vail. I'll have gloves and a cape as well.
I'll prob. wear more layers of clothing on my wedding day than any other day. Ok, maybe not, but it's going to feel like it i'm sure!

I figured it would be a good idea to add my engagement pictures on here too. I'm going to see if i can put together a slideshow for them though.
Keira Shelby's going to be my maid of honor....The Patten and Cooper girls are going to help with the reception....things are going good.
We're going to go out to San Diego, CA the 18th and stay there for a few days (with my parents). You could call it a "mini honeymoon"...only my parents will be there. Which is cool because neither of them are have been there before and i'm going to introduce them to the Jackmans and take them to some fun places.
Anyhow, that's about it! Take Care til next time! Which will prob. be after the wedding!

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