Thursday, December 13, 2007


Everything that can go wrong pretty much happens BEFORE you get married,right?? That's what I thought.

Let me start from the beginning for those of you who weren't there or may not have known what all went on this joyous day of our Marriage.

--December 6th, 2007--

The weather was all around bad. It was the first of this seasons SNOW and ICE. The weather being how it was caused many people to not be able to make it to the endowment session Thursday night. We actually were lucky enough to drive up to St.Louis right ahead of the storm, and when we got out of the session it wasn't too bad. The weather was mostly rainy that day (in St.Louis anyway) but started to snow later that night and continued til morning. We checked into our hotel rooms down the street at the Marriott. When dad and mom opened their door to their room we heard water running. Never a good sign. The sink had overflowed. They quickly made this known to the hotel staff and got a room a few doors down. We dropped our things off and went to the temple. Keira stayed in the nice, cozy hotel room.

When we got inside the temple and scanned my recommend it didn't go through. I take that back. It did go through, but I was a Tongan lady from Salt Lake City. The Temple President came and took care of it and then we proceeded to check our recommend again. We then discovered that somewhere in the line of getting our interviews someone forgot to give Chandler his living ordinance recommend (the thing we needed to get sealed the next day!). I left Chandler to get that sorted out and went to go change and go to the session. Even though many people were unable to attend the session it was the most amazing thing in the world and I can't wait to go through again for others. Chandler, Dad, Mom, Grandma Groll, and a few other temple workers were there, along with many others in spirit. Elyse, a friend from San Diego, was able to get there in time to meet us on the other side in the Celestial Room. That was a nice little surprise. She ended up staying with me and Keira in our hotel room that night. When we came into the foyer I realized I forgot my cell phone in the car and Chandler went to get it. We then noticed a huge bucket type thing that looked like a huge hamper next to the Christmas tree in the foyer. We then looked up to find a hole in the ceiling and a hint of where water had been dripping. We then found out it was from the room that we first had with the overflowing sink.

We ordered pizza and got Elyse a toothbrush and went to bed, eventually.It was nice to have both Keira and Elyse there for support for the next days events.

--December 7th, 2007--

Friday I woke up at around 7:30 a.m., and many times during the night as well. I got out of bed and attempted to gather my things to take a nice, warm, relaxing shower. I had my little suitcase in front of the entertainment center (Curse that thing). My grey bag full of every beauty product I might need was beside the entertainment center. As I went to retrieve something out of my grey bag I hit my head on the corner of the hinged door of the entertainment center. Thus leaving a little bump on my right temple. It has gone away, but it wasn't a pleasant way to start my day.

I took a nice, long, relaxing shower like I had planned. Thank heavens I didn't cut myself shaving or slip on my soap. I do recall dropping the soap a couple times though.

It being about 8 a.m. now I brushed my hair, talked to the girls, and got a couple very sweet text messages saying Good Morning and I love you from my ever so wonderful husband ( fiance at that exact time). That brightened me up a bit. We rounded up some breakfast and then my mother informed me that I have to be at the temple in an hour with my hair and make-up done already. So I proceeded to curl and style my hair and do my make-up for my wedding day in record time. At the same time making me a little behind and causing me to down a glass of orange juice and run down to the lobby where everyone was already waiting for us. As I proceeded to put my things in the car I realized I was missing half of my things. Namely the most important thing: MY DRESS!! So I ran to the lobby, called Keira to bring it down and sent Chandler up to get her and the dress. We then all ran out the door and drove to the temple. I brought everything in with me except my grey bag.

I got ready in the beautiful Brides room, talked to the guy who was sealing us, and proceeded to go to the sealing room. It was wonderful, of course. Chandler cried like a baby. I held myself together pretty well, secretly because I didn't want mascara all over my white gown, and we hugged and celebrated being sealed with our immediate and church family. We decided to go sit down to take everything in in the Celestial Room.

We then proceeded to change and go outside for pictures.

As I was changing I looked into the mirror and tried to take in everything. I thought, "Wow, I'm Mrs. Moore, I'm married for eternity, wow." I then stopped thinking and went to bare the cold.

Here's some of the pictures from that:

You've probably already seen some of them already from the other blog. So here's mostly just the ones from Keira's Camera. She was our main photographer.

p.s. It was FREEZING! So naturally we wanted to get the pictures taken QUICKLY!

After that we went to find our bed and breakfast. We found it, knocked on the door(s)...And well, no one was there. We called the lady and she said she sent an email 2 weeks ago cancelling our reservation. (At this point iIpretty much cried my head off...) so we went to the Best Western down the street. They were really nice. I made Chandler do all the talking. Of course the lady at the counter had to announce to everyone that we just got married. Which drew more attention to my already red-eyed self. Our room had a small tub/shower, a fridge, t.v., and a king size bed.
So need I say that the day didn't go exactly how I expected it to. But, we're married for all eternity and nothing and no one can take that away.
We're happy and still in love so I'd say things are going pretty good!

Thank you Keira for the wonderful photos, and everyone else who took pictures as well!
Thank you to all of those who attended and we wished all of you who couldn't attend could have been there. I know that weather was a big factor in the lower number of attendance at the reception. We missed you all very much.

Much Love,
Jessica &Chandler MOORE

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