Saturday, February 9, 2008

New Car!

Well, we made a big step in the finacial department and invested in a new/used car! We love it and it runs and looks great! All we need now is to get our title and license plate. Kind of important things. We're waiting for it to get here from a bank in Kansas.
*yawn* to that! We're looking at getting seat covers, etc.
It's all very exciting! We got a loan from the bank and both me and Chan are on it so we can both build credit! We also took the dorky sticker off the back.
It's all very exciting! Oh, and Chandler is going to be going on some out of state Pallet runs with dad pretty soon. They will be making quite a bit. About $1,000 a piece. Sometimes more. Sometimes less. But not much less. One run could just be one long days drive to and from or a days drive there and back. At $1,000 a piece Chan and dad could work 1-2 days a week and be sitting very nicely. So i'm not complaining. Especially if we can pay off our car by the end of the summer. PLus, no doubt i'll be roped into working at the Vanilla Grill this summer. I just know some of the girls are going to want to go to the pool and crap and not just work. But ya. More money for us. Which will be nice for school and setting up house, etc. Maybe we could even afford our own place in RExburg. Who knows. OH! Chan didn't get his applications in in time for the fall semester so he's going to be going Winter. He's already applied and gotten in once before. So i think he'll be fine. HE just has to get the application done by October 1st...I think he can handle that. I think that's all the excitement i have right now. Molly, my fish, is doing great. haha I should take a picture of her and post it. She's a big pig.
Well, Here's the pictures!


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Anonymous said...

Sweet new ride! :) Really, it looks nice, like you have tons of space. I'll be you feel cool driving it. :)