Sunday, October 7, 2007


So this is my 2nd post....Not a whole lot to say. Except being engaged and trying to not get stressed is a tricky thing. Especially when you have Satan doing everything in his power to try and get you to not do what's right. He's sly. Anyway...Chandlers car is still being fixed do to the fact that they cracked the part that they were about to put into the car. ya, good job bob. haha Cross your fingers and hope it gets fixed in time for him to come out here...

We had General Conference this weekend. Chandler couldn't watch it because he had to work. :P Blah to that! Anyhow, they emphosized the importance of family. Go figure. Love, Eternal Marriage, Missionary Work, Service in and out of the home, etc. The talks were all woderful, of course. Henry B. Eyring was calledto be the 2nd counselor in the 1st Presidency of the Church. Sense the passing of James E. Faust. :( He was a cute old man. Always making jokes and being sincerely kid and careing. Henry B. Eyring will fill the role well though i'm sure.

Ok, for some reason I'm already getting bored sitting here chow for now.


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