Friday, February 1, 2013


So, if all goes well we will be buying a new house this week& moving the next couple months!:) yay! Hopefully we won't be moving for at least 5 years or more!

I told Alli we were going to be moving soon& she was SOOO excited! She started packing her toys from around the house haha it was so funny! She has no problem moving/packing! She told Chan she was going to our new house today& asked if that guy was gone yet (referring to the guy that owns the house that was showing it to us!) :) haha
Yes I am! Haha I told her we weren't going today that it takes awhile to pack things and move but she was totally ready today! :)
We have been going through toys& boxes and putting stuff in boxes to sell/give away.
One min Alli is putting all her toys in the box to give away& the next she's saying "oh, I can't give this away, I love it!" Haha

She's so hilarious! She's been a big helper so that's good!:)

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