Monday, February 25, 2013


So awhile back I snagged a free 1 year subscription to Motor Trend Magazine through and his first one arrived early for his Bday (it's not until March 4th& he got his first one in Feb& they gave him the Jan issue too!) Anyway, it was just something I thought he'd like and it happened to show it would start around his bday so perfect! I think it might be his favorite gift! He thanks me every time he gets one in the mail (March came today!) Who would have thought he would like this gift better than any of the ones I spent tons of time& money on! :) Just goes to show it's really the thoughtfulness of it rather than the price tag& that if you really know your guy you can make his day in the simplest of ways:) And magazines that come each month are not only just awesome because they come all year but are like little reminders of how much I love him!:) Score! Guess ill have to renew his subscription next year!;)


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