Saturday, March 23, 2013

Preschool & Other Adventures

I've started a little preschool " homework" binder for Allison. She LOVES it! I just printed off a bunch of worksheets I found on the Internet (Pinterest). She's really good at matching things, shes good with her colors& excellent at mazes! She knows her ABCs and can count to 10 but we are working on being able to read& write her letters& numbers. She knows the letter A really good& worked on B& C today. She knows 1,2&3's a process. She's barely 3 so it's mostly just for fun but if she likes it then why not do it everyday right? She wanted to just do all the pages today! I had to stop& pace her a little. Anyway, it's a new Chapter in my life having a preschooler of my own. It's fun:) I will take pics of the book tomorrow! I also copied some fun things from some booklets that are little games. They are great!
Anyway, it's going great& I hope we can keep it up!

On a little different note I think Allison is doing great with potty training! Still a few accidents here& there but she's been great at having no accidents in public! She just gets so busy & excited with playing she forgets to go sometimes but usually she tries to get there in time! Anyway, she's doing fantastic& I'm so proud of her!

Sophie still has to have me by her to go to sleep so were working on that. Then after the baby comes we will work on no bottle to go to sleep...but one thing at a time! She's not even 2 yet after all.
Sophie loves to pretend to go potty too. It's so cute! I'm hoping once she's old enough to really know when to go it will be easy to potty train her.

I've made several more pull ups for Alli (mom as well). So between those& her panties she's set:)

We find out whether we're having a boy or girl on April 12th!!:) Alli is prob even more excited than we are!:) it's so cute!

Anyway, I can't remember what all I was going to say so ill end this!

The End :)

(Until I can remember the rest!)

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