Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Jordan Essentials Rave!

Okay, so I know I'm a Consultant, but I wanted to share my opinion anyway! 
I just have to say, I LOVE my Jordan Essentials! I actually look forward to washing my hands and my 5 min get away from the kids in the shower is now like a day at the spa! Seriously! The sea salt exfoliate just puts the whole thing over the top! And boy does it make me all silky smooth! Cleanse with the Shower Gel, exfoliate with the sea salt scrub, and even use the yummy smelling shampoo& condition! Then hop out and pamper my skin more by moisturizing with either the body lotion or shea butter and seal it all in with the lotion bar and mommy stays baby soft all day& night & i don't have to re apply lotion 5 times a day! Best of all I can use it on my babies too! I don't have to go through the moisturizing with them 3 times a day! What time I save just adding 2 mins into my day! And I didn't even mention the awesome Aluminum free deodorant and awesome hydrating good smelling body spray (which I don't have to worry about my kids breaking out from me holding them so I can smell like a woman instead of a mommy again!)! I just love there products! I want to try all of them! I hear the face mask is to die for amazing! Who knew using natural products could be so pampering!OH! Did I mention the lotion bar does wonders for my feet! (The Exfoliate smooths my scratchy heels too!)I have these shoes that always hurt when I wear them, but because the lotion bar has a waxy kind of seal it helps lock in moisture and protects my feet from blisters! I was shocked and amazed! My feet are saved from heals now yay!:) Not only is it safer for me and my family but it's an awesome company too! That's why I decided to join the team! And by becoming a JE Consultant I get the opportunity to not only make a little extra money but to get free product AND pamper all of you! So this mommy is a happy girl!:)
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