Friday, September 16, 2011


So I want to be more organized especially sense we have such a little place but it seems to never quite get done. SO maybe if I write my ideas down they might happen. Haha ya sure:p
Well,here it goes...I might add pictures layer of my unorganized messy areas.then take after pictures of course when I organize them! The problem is organizing tends to cost money, something we don't really have to spend on organizing. So it might take me awhile to do this:/ I'll prob try any look for low budget solutions!

Okay so here's clever idea #1:
Oh the many ways you can use an over the door shoe holder!
See link here for cheapest Ive found so far without searching: here
I'm sure I can prob find them at garage sales or thrift stores for cheaper! Ok, so here's the ideas!:)
•Use a pocket shoe organizer to organize bath toys & toiletries in bathroom!
•Use to organize craft stuff

2.  Fill pockets with baby items.  Put the ones you use most at eye level.

Here are some categories you can use:

burp rags
diaper ointment
stocking hats

Extra bottles and diaper storage bags are stored at the bottom
Use a shoe organizer to keep all of your sandals and flip-flops organized.

To be continued....

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