Monday, September 19, 2011

September Update :S

I know I am WAY behind on my updates! So here's the "quick" version (haha)


Mesa Falls
We went to Mesa Falls, near Ashton Idaho, like a week or so before Sophia was born. Crystal & her family were up for a few weeks so we decided that would be a fun activity:) Here are some pictures from that:

I had a scheduled C-Section at 9:00 am on Aug 17th because I wasn't really progressing (heck why not). At around 3:30 am  my water started breaking. Guess she was inpatient to come. Went to hospital around 4 am. Why not I had to be there at 7 am for prep anyway. My water continued to flow hard at the hospital and started having contractions but still wasn't dilating. So they bumped the 7:30 am C-section to 9 am and they gave me my epidural and prepped me. By 7:30 I was "on the table" and by 7:51 a.m our beautiful little girl was born!
Sophia Renee Moore weighed in at 7 lbs 3 ozs and was 19.5 inches long. She has the prettiest hair we hope stays!It's mommy's color red right now so were hoping:) Verdict is still out on the eye color but were sure they will be light colored.
Here are the photos from the hospital:

BTW, this c-section went excellent! I was up and walking soon after and healed very quickly! I think my scar looks even better this time around:) My Doctors were singing show tunes during the surgery and said I "have an excellent anatomy":) which is apparently the highest complement you can get! Anyway, it was a relief that all went well. She is breast feeding GREAT which is a huge relief also to not have all the complications like I did with Allison. Oh, and Allison LOVES the new baby! She totally ignores me & goes right for Sophie! Not really jealous unless she's really tired.
Here are some photos Kassie (and I) took of Sophia when she was about a week old. SO CUTE:)

I think all the ones below are the ones Kassie took and all the ones above are the ones I took.

Pallisades Resevoir
So we also went to Pallisades Resevoir out past Swan Valley after Sophia was born.

Well as you can see the last month has been full of adventures! Speaking of adventures; we got called to be the Wolf Den leaders. The boys are so adorable and eager to be in scouts! It's alot of work but it's fun.
Aaron and Adrienne are getting sealed this sat (Sept 24th) in the Mount Tempanogus (sp?) Temple down in Pleasant Grove, UT. My friend Melissa Virgin is also getting married the same day in the same temple! :) So that's cool! We're going down Friday morning and coming back Saturday evening. Short trip but should be fun:)
I'll have to post pictures of our garden! We have gotten TONS of zucchini's, strawberries, lettuce, etc. but are just now getting red tomatoes:P Unfortunately it is already starting to feel like spring so I'm hoping we can enjoy at least a few tomatoes before the frost hits! 
I have been working on organizing my house lately. Trying to get rid of all the clutter and make life a bit easier for all. It is a bit of a slow project with 2 little ones running around but it's not too bad. I'll post pictures of that soon I'm sure. 
Well, until next post adios!

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