Wednesday, July 27, 2011

July Update!

So I have a TON of updating to do, but I'll try and give you a speed version.....
In May we realized we weren't going to be getting the big round house so we started looking for places to stay in Rexburg and we found this cute little place! It turned out to be in the ward we were in before when we lived in the townhouse which is way cool:) Aaron & Adrienne share the house with us and anyway, it's way cool and we love it here!:) Here's a few pictures of the place, but it's not even close to the whole thing...maybe I'll post more later:) So we have been traveling and had visitors and been moving so It's been a little crazy around here. Not to mention I'm due with baby girl Sophia on Aug 20th and have been having contractions off and on already. I spent all of Monday cleaning and doing prep stuff for the new baby. You know, going through clothes, putting them where they go, getting organized, etc. I feel less stressed now that I'm mostly done with my pre baby prep stuff:) Sorry I have like NO pictures of the new baby! I think we only got ultrasound pictures instead a CD but maybe I just can't find the CD anyway....anyway, Crystal and her family are coming up this week and we're going to have family pictures taken while they are here. So you will get prego pictures and then when the new baby comes you'll see pictures of her of course!:) I'll try to be better about updating! Allison is of course the typical toddler. She throws fits, throws things in the toilet, tares books, throws everything really, blows kisses, says hi, bye, adri, jensea, owe (for aaron), mommy, daddy, potty, go go, don't, no, dipstick (thank you aunt Jensea), dog, kitty, ball, cheese, milk, ba ba,grandpa, grandma, poomp, bucky, grams, makes many animal sounds, and I'm sure I'm missing a dozen other words! She repeats alot of things and learns new words everyday! She loves dogs, cats, her ba ba, her kitty and other animal books, babies, baths, her toys, playing with her Aunts, Uncles and grandparents, etc, reading books, music, dancing and singing, strawberries, cheese, and just everything really! She's a pretty happy go lucky girl:) She's getting a whole mouth full of teeth as well. We love living in Rexburg and our friends Alisha & Paul and a few others live close by so it's nice. We're only a couple blocks from the hospital and around the block from my Dr. so it's really nice:)

 Front Yard

 Part of our bedroom and our bathroom

 Kitchen/Dining Area
 Living Room which has been changed several times.

Dining Room

So that's the house in short:) Sorry there's not more pictures! 

Okay, so we're in this new house. It's 2 bedroom 1 bath upstairs and there's 3 rooms, 1 bathroom and the laundry room along with tons of storage space downstairs in the basement. 

So Here are a TON of pictures from May-July. I'll put short descriptions and just a few pictures from each "event" to save time. 
 These pictures were taken in Salem Idaho. We just took a short little drive up for the day and had a picnic there and looked at the scenery!

 We saw baby skunks and a moose on the trip:)

 These are just a few pictures from when we were in Ucon, Idaho. Very "springy"

 Aunt Whitney and Allison picking dandelions:)


 My friend Alisha took these cute pictures of Alli and her daughter Lanea playing:)

 We went to Cody, wyoming over the 4th of July weekend and went through Yellowstone Park.

 Alli was more interested in the rocks on the ground:)

 Alli and Aunt Whitney at 4th of July Parade in Cody
Creighton (below)

 Alli loved the parade! She said hi and waved to everyone!:)

 Elk in Yellowstone

Flower in our yard (above) and 
(below) Alli's cute new dress and pig tails!

 She loves brushing her teeth!
 Poomp (Grandpa Moore) dressing Alli up with petals

 Grandma Moore made her a doll out of the flowers (which I can't remember the name of right at this moment)

 Alli chilling eating her pretzels

She never stops moving! When she eats, sleeps, plays...she's a little wiggle worm!

 Chillin with Uncle Aaron making a huge mess:)

 Here are some pictures of our garden!:)
 We planted: Strawberries, Zucchini, Onions...

 Peas, Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Cabbage, Letus, Spinach....

 Beets, Oregano, Parsley, Basil (not sure which herbs actually came up)...And I think that's it!

We've gotten tons of strawberries and cut our spinach and letus several times already. We got it planted super late so I'm hoping everything will come up and produce before the frost comes! 
Well...that was my super quick update! It will just have to do for now I guess. Hopefully I'll stay a bit more up to date but no promises because we're going to have another addition soon! Love to all!:)

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Allison is getting so big! What a cutie! And we love the picture of Bucky in his cowboy hat! :)