Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pillow Covers & Curtains

 Okay, so I found these awesome curtains/fabric at a garage sale awhile back and I love the colors and vintage look! I was just going to make some pillow covers or something with them but when we moved to a house which was in need of some drapes very badly I decided to make them back into curtains and make a few throw pillows to match! My wonderful Mother put together the drapes for me while I was away and we made the pillows today to match! I LOVE how they turned out! Very vintage and cute if you ask me!

 Alli insisted on "helping" while I was taking pictures:)

 They look better when the light isn't behind them:)

So this is a little view of our living room (messy at the moment)! It's slowly getting organized:)

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mamasteph said...

Love the pillows! Great combo of vintage and modern!