Tuesday, April 26, 2011

March/April Update!

So lets see...I haven't posted anything sense Alli & Chan's B-day so I figured I better do that! I have however posted plenty to facebook so for those of you who are on there this should all be old news.
I posted a prego picture of me at week 23 in my pregnancy (which I'm at now). I feel slightly larger with this one that with Allison but still keeping my girlish figure quite well. haha
Allison is becoming quite the big little girl these days. Already talking back and throwing fits. She can say several things including: daddy, ma ma, da da, bye bye, hi ya, hi, cheese, uh oh, all gone, go, dog, grandma, grandpa, baba, cookie, car, and I'm sure I'm missing many others, but those are the main ones. She has gotten quite good at telling us what she wants or needs.She's just plain cute!
So we got her a bunch of cool things lately including: a toy barn, a toy that looks like a mower kind of that has stuff on it she can push...I'll post a picture, a monkey almost as big as her, a baby doll (she loves her! It's so cute), a princess couch thing, and some other "need" things. All of which we either got at a garage, off craigslist or on sale/clearance!
Some of Allison's fav things:
Playing in the Cabinets
Going (anywhere--outside, the store, etc)
Playing with her barn, baby and other toys
Balls (funny thing is she used to be terrified of them!)
Strawberries :)
Mommy (of course)
Beef Sticks (She's so strange! The hotter something is the better!)
Music! She loves to dance and has taken up "singing"! I'll have to post videos when I can:)
Shoes (not wearing them just playing with them)
Running from mommy (especially when she has something she's not supposed to! And just running)
Animals of any kind
Playing with other kids
Anything she can put stuff in or take things out of--A box, a bin, the diaper bag, etc.
Books--eating and reading them
Paper of any kind--apparently it's delicious!
Okay, so now I will proceed  to post all the millions of pictures! I will explain everything and you will see just what a cute little character she has grown to be:) Enjoy!
Press Read More for the pictures....

This is one of Alli's daily rituals. Emptying out all the cabinets and drawers.

She was being SO funny this day!
This is "THE BOX" Allison spent a good week with this beloved box. She would push it all over and put things in it and then take it all out and do it all over again. The sad ending to this story is that we had to take it away after she decided it was quite tasty and was always eating the corners of it. It was a sad day, but she finds other things to hide her shoes in.

Notice all of her shoes in the box:)

This is her beloved Princess couch! She likes to sit on it up more now but she always likes to lay on it and jump on it:)

This is the couch up:) She thinks it's so fun!

These are the amazing containers I found at Ikea for only $4.99 each!! They are huge and have a nice soft fabric covering. Very nice for her toys and will be a perfect addition to her play room in the new house!:)
This is the push toy I was telling you about. She loves it!:)
Allison likes to get into the pan drawer and put little presents in for me to find later:)
 Alli chilling in her bumbo with her phone. She usually uses the bumbo as a step stool so she can get things in the bottom of her toy bin.

 She's already for the teenager look!
 This is the cute tutu I made for her! It's super cute and sense she was just sitting there looking all cute and being good I decided it was a good time for a photo shoot. These are the pictures from that! Very springy huh!:)

 Her toy again:)

 Her and daddy!:) Below is a hair barrette I made:)
 Okay, so this year instead of buying chocolates I made some of my own with bars of chocolate. I just wanted to try it out! So here is the results!:)

 I put caramel inside some of them.

I put strawberry chunks inside these ones and added a little caramel in others

 These are the gorgeous Spring flowers Chandler brought home for me just one random day! It caught me totally off guard it was so cute! I love when he does sweet things like that out of the blue!:)
 EASTER PICTURES! Most taken the Sat before.

 She did fine on the cement...

 But once she hit the grass she didn't want to move! She has this thing about grass...she's not quite sure what to think about it yet. Totally funny!

 Anyway, Chan and Grandpa Groll just went and got all the eggs and set them beside her:) She thought that was pretty great:)

 She figured out how to open them and just sat there eating the jelly beans:)

 I had to have some Easter pictures! We don't have many "family pictures" so I took advantage of the Holiday to get a few shots:) (Thanks mom!)
 I'm not sure I got all the pictures on here but here is her Easter Basket:)
 Notice she reaches right over the candy, toy, and cookies and goes right for the Beef Stick/Cheese!

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