Tuesday, February 22, 2011


So, I got an iphone yesterday for a smoking deal! We traded our ibook g4 laptop for it:) I'm pretty stoked. Been working on downloading all the sweet apps. I've kind of done 2 other app reviews before

I'd like to add a few more to those lists. And these are all free:) yay!
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1) Weather HD app
It says it's $0.99 on the apple site but I found a free one on my iphone app store.
HERE is the description:
Re-invention of how the weather looks on mobile devices. Weather HD is the #1 weather application in the US and 51 other countries. Recommended by The New York Times, The Guardian, Macworld, Gizmodo and more • • • Watch the trailer: http://www.vimov.com/weatherhd

Just trust me. It's cool.

2)Where is my...?
Okay, so this app is of course FREE and I think it's better than all those other apps like where is my car, etc. It not only maps where your car is, but ANYWHERE you are:) Your favorite fishing hole, where you put your keys, someone's house, a new place you discovered, where your hotel is, and pretty much anything. I mapped where my bedroom was this morning if that tells you anything. Now I will always know where I sleep at night. haha It's cool.
Just have to search for it on your iphone, ipad or ipod touch.

 It's FREE of course:)
Okay, so this app is also one of those that combines a bunch of apps together. Like Where, urbanspoon, etc. It pretty much can find anything around you your looking for. Here's the description:

"iWant helps you find services and businesses in the area around you. iWant uses location services to bring to you nearby businesses."

This is the Apple site description:


iWant is essentially the combination of 3 location based apps : Restaurant reviews (Yelp, UrbanSpoon), Movie showtimes (Flixter, Fandango) and Yellow Pages (Yellow Pages, AroundMe). Why use iWant instead of these separate ones ?

• iWant is faster, simpler and presents all this varied information in a clean and unified view. It will help you reduce clutter on your home screen as it combines the functionality of several other apps.

• Unlike typical Yellow Pages apps like AroundMe, iWant gives you restaurant reviews (instead of just a list of names) and movie times (rather than just a list of theaters near you) so that you can make an informed decision.

• iWant is the only app that allows you to fine tune your current location (just drag the blue circle in the map view) -- rather than typing in a new address.

• iWant has 3 pages of category icons, giving you one-tap access to over 30 categories. Also, you can filter restaurants and nightlife with another two taps -- no typing required.

• iWant can also show you nearby landmarks from Wikipedia (try the 'W' icon on the second page) so that you can use iWant like a virtual tour guide in a new city.

• Use the settings icon (bottom left) to narrow or expand the search radius. Use the map icon (bottom right) to see your results plotted on an interactive map."

4) Cut the Rope
Okay, so this is a fun, kind of addicting game:)
Apple description:


A mysterious package has arrived, and the creature inside has only one request…CANDY! Get a taste of the highly innovative and addictive Cut the Rope. Try out 18 full levels combining outstanding physics, devilishly tricky levels, and bright colorful visuals, Cut the Rope is one of the most original and fun-filled games on the App Store.


"Cut The Rope is one of the best puzzle games out there that is more fun than anything" - Trevor Sheridan, App Advice (4/5 MUST BUY)

"We’d put it right up there with the best casual games on the App Store" – Chris Reed, Slide to Play (4/4 MUST HAVE)

"Cut The Rope is centered around a brilliant mix of realistic physics and cartoon slapstick, and it’s an absolute delight." – AppTilt (9/10)

Cut the Rope combines realistic physics with simple, yet accurate and precise touch controls. Cut the ropes by simply swiping your finger across them and collect the stars by touching them with the candy, but it’s not always simple. Think before you slice and be sure to avoid the enemies and obstacles. Every level is different and getting that candy to Om Nom won’t be easy!

In Cut the Rope you don’t just need to feed Om Nom, in order to get maximum points you will also need to collect 3 golden stars in each stage. Some are easy, some are deviously difficult, this is only a sample of the huge variety of levels on offer in the game!

Use a variety of special tools in your effort to get Om Nom his candy. In this Lite version you can try blow candy around in bubbles using special air pumps, use hidden ropes and get a feel for the dangers that lie ahead!

Easy to learn and intuitive to play, Cut the Rope is hard to put down. As you progress, Om Nom will jump from one box to another, with more levels to get through. In this Lite version two boxes are available, there’s plenty more to see!
Crystal Leaderboards and Achievements: Players can see how they compare to rope cutters throughout the world via online leaderboards and achievements through Crystal!

5)Abble Dabble (like scrabble) Free
6) Skee Free (ski ball)
7)pic2shop (you scan the barcode and it gives you info on the item)
8) LDS Tools (like ward tools only better)
9)childrens songbook
10)Wattpad (over 100,000 free books--they also have kindle, barnes n noble, etc. but this one gives you all the free ones)
11) Shazam (The one where you put it up to the radio or whatever and it tells you what is playing)
12)iGmail (must have for an easy access to your gmail on iphone)
13) Angry Birds (the free version)

And of course all the other apps I already showed you and I'm sure I'll find more cool ones as well:D
I'm all about the Free ones!

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