Sunday, January 16, 2011

Apps I like

My Awesome Apps List:
  • Joann coupon app
  • Real Simple Cooking App
  • The Following are Travel Apps that look cool. I got all of them from HERE
  • Google Goggles

    Google Goggles has quickly become my absolute favorite app to play with on my phone. Think of Goggles as Google search, using your camera. Point your phone at a product, and Google Goggles will search for it, and provide product links.

    Do the same with foreign languages (French, Italian, German and Spanish), and it'll provide an instant translation - all without having to touch your keyboard. This is obvious fantastic for quick translations of signs or anything else you encounter on the road.
  • Kayak

    Kayak is a real personal favorite of mine - mainly because it does so much in a single app. Within Kayak for Android, you get access to flights, hotels, car rentals, flight status, airline information, flight price trends and more - all in a free app. Think of Kayak as your Swiss Army travel tool set.

    The app even offers integration with, offering instant access to saved trips.

  • Yelp

    Yelp is the grandaddy of travel friendly apps. Use Yelp to find food, drinks, stores and more - and get feedback on the location from fellow Yelp users.

    No longer will you have to suffer through a horrible dinner - simply avoid anything with poor ratings, and stick to the top rated locations. Best of all, Yelp offers instant access to things like the address, prices and opening hours, which lets you stay clear of flash heavy restaurant sites.
  • XE Currency conversion is one of the best currency calculators on the web - and their Android mobile app makes access to live currency rates even easier. Simply refresh the current rates, and calculate whether that fantastic pair of jeans or new iPod really is much cheaper than it is back home.
  • Google Maps with navigation

    Android phones running Android versions 1.6 and newer get access to Google maps with navigation. The application is powerful enough to be a full replacement for your GPS unit - but it will require access to a data connection to receive its maps - it can't store maps locally.

    Still, free is always a good thing, and best of all - Google maps with navigation lets you get directions specifically for driving, walking, public transit or cycling.
  • Hotels Near Me

    StayHIP a little too hip for you? Hotels Near Me offers a more generic search system of hotels in your area. Simply enter your location, or let it detect where you are using GPS - and it'll provide a list of all hotels in your vicinity.

    Sort by star rating, price, distance and more - and read a description of hotel amenities, guest reviews and room prices. Then, complete the entire booking process right inside the app.
  • Where

    Where is the kind of app that can make you feel less like a stranger - no matter where you are. Let Where pick up your location, and it'll offer the weather, news, local coupons, events, gas prices and more. Inside the app, you even get quick access to the Yellow Pages, for those rare emergencies where you really need a locksmith, doctor or worse...
  • Movies App
  • Slice It Game App
  • Skip Bo Game App
  • The Coupon App
  • Craigslist App
  • Pandora App
  • Kobo App

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