Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Valentine Decor

I saw this idea on a blog somewhere:

I took it a little further and came up with this:

 1. Black Paint
 2. Dust off your scrabble game that you've been hiding (I found mine at a pawn shop for $0.50)

3. Paint the tile trays black

 4. You can just put the tiles on after it's all dry with whatever words you want to. 
But I took this a step forward and used the blank tiles to add a little something to it. 
I used a small kiss dicut, super glued it on and added a little glitter to it. you can mod podge it but you don't have to. I put a heart button on the same way.

 5. Display it. Usually you just put one on like a shelf or something. I'm going to 
Add more things to my display no worries:)

 And wahla! I'm going to switch out he words 
for all the different seasons.

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