Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Allison 6-7 months old, SLC, etc.

 I thought I'd do a little colorful editing:) Enjoy!

Allison is such a funny little girl. She has her own little personality that's for sure!
ewww, awww, ooooh

Below: This is actually the first time Alli sat up on her own for a long period of time.
She was coming to "get me"

I love these picture:) They were taken at the this Bird Sanctuary place in SLC
This isn't the original pictures of the mushroom. Just thought it looked cooler this way. Very "Alice in Wonderland"

These purple ones are my favorite!

Daddy telling her how great it is she sat up and her giving her a look like "what's the big deal?"

Below: I love this picture:) She's playing with the light on her hands. So cute!

I love these:)

This flower above is so unique and cool. 


Kassie Groll said...

I really love the "O" face one of Alli with the chain unfocused in the foreground.

Crystal said...

She is SO CUTE!! And she's big! I can't wait to see her. :) I really like the pictures of those flowers, the ones that are in a row blue, pink, and yellow. I want to get those printed on canvas to put in the girl's room! I think they'd look so cute! Oh, and the white one too. Love it. Or maybe in white frames . . . I don't know, canvas would be super cute.