Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Allison All Over 7 Months

 This was Alli's first experience with Swimming in a pool. She loved it! We didn't have a swimsuit for her so we got some swim diapers and put a onesie on her. She splashed around and just had a grand old time!:)

 Alli has found herself in many different places lately...

 She loves to crawl over to the door and say hi to Saydie
 Alli's 1st experience with leaves and playing with Saydie. Saydie was really great with her. She got really annoyed with saydie putting her paw on her though. haha
See her pushing her paw off?

She decided to take matters in to her own hands!

 Alli is getting around like non other! She is pulling herself up on things and getting in to anything she can reach:) And boy is she quick!

Chillin with Dad:)

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