Friday, January 8, 2010

Projects, Pictures & Stupidity

You can barely see it, but boy is it there!



Side view of Boppy Pillow with new cover

New Boppy Cover!:)

So I made my first boppy cover!! It took me about 3 hours last night and a little time this morning as well. It wouldn't have taken as long if I had done a couple things right in the first place. First I cut a piece of the fabric wrong, then I sewed on 2 of the same sides of Velcro onto my cover instead of the rough side and the soft side....yaaa...
Last night as I was sitting there using my seam ripper to take out all the sticks from the Velcro I realized that somehow, someway I had lost my seam ripper (this was after I was all done thank heavens). The boys and I (mostly them b/c I was so tired, hungry and grumpy to help) went searching all around where I was sitting for the seam ripper. We are yet to find it....Funny thing was, I hadn't even moved from that spot until after I had noticed it wasn't with the cover/lid.
So after many mistakes and re-do's I finally finished! I took a before and after of the back where I had messed up and then fixed it again. It looks much nicer now. And it lays better too. As you'll notice I did change fabrics (mom). I figured I'd get so tired of that pattern (you were right). I got kind of tired of it before I even made anything with it. I did however cut out a boppy pillow shape from it already so I could make another one with that cover if I wanted to. Oh, I guess I didn't mention that my machine wigged out on me like 100 times while sewing on the Velcro. I think the sticky part of the Velcro was getting on the needle and causing it to jam and stick. This made nice little flaws and knots all over. But who really cares right!? I'm DONE and it looks just fine. Plus all the flaws are on the back were I'll never see them.

My next project will be to make a diaper/wipe holder. It should be easier...

I did find a place for the baby clothes as well. I'm using my sweater organizer thing and I also got some baby hangers to hang up the dresses and such. I only put the 0-3 and 3-6 month sizes out for now. Then I put the other sizes together accordingly and put them above in my closet. This will hopefully stay organized...

Oh, and another wonderful thing I actually started to notice in Yuma was that every time I try and zoom even the slightest my camera blurs up on me instead of focusing like it should. Then last night when I was trying to get some pictures of Christmas stuff to post and my project I noticed that my camera wasn't focusing AT ALL. Like I would push the button and not zoom or anything and it wouldn't focus (it'd be blurry). I tried taking out the battery, turning it off and on, I tried using different settings...nothing...So I got out my old camera (which if any of you recall I got the new one because the old one was making these red spots on all my photos. It was recently decided to magically fix itself so it works just fine if not better than my new one now)........yaaaa....what a day right.
So these are the pictures from my old camera which is working great! Chandler said I could look at getting a new camera if I wanted to, but I may just do some shopping around and use my old one for now. Seems like my cheaper, smaller ones last longer than my bigger nicer one. I think the one mom has is still kicking just fine and I'm sure that thing has gone through a lot of damage.

So there you have first boppy cover, my mess ups and re-dos, my loosing of things...oh...I guess I should add one more thing...
2 days ago I was cleaning up the house and I was unplugging something behind my bookshelf and I have this stone plaque I got from mom that has Vinyl words on sits on a stand on top of the bookshelf...but anyway...I went to unplug the speakers and I hit the corner of the stone plaque right next to my eye...needless to say it hurt like heck and its still tender if it gets bumped.I've got a nice little mark too. Though it doesn't look as bad now that it's not all swollen...yaaa...welcome to being pregnant and half blind!

So I guess I should also mention that Chandler started school (here at BYU-Idaho) on Tuesday! I would like to say that he loves it, but that would be a complete lie. He's got 12 credits and a very full schedule. He's already dropped and added a class like 3 times and hopefully won't have to again. He only needed 1 more 1 credit class (an easy one preferably) in order to have 12 credits and get his loan money and everything. Well, Intro to Business though 1 credit should be more like 3 credits. And Auto Maintenance doesn't even give you even a single day absence before you drop a grade. Ya, with a business and a pregnant wife emergencies are bound to come up. So he has finally (hopefully) settled on a 1 credit Art class. It's the one were you just have to go to like 7 different Art things like an art exhibit, a play, a recital, a dance, etc. And there's lots of different dates and times you can go so it's flexible. Plus, I'll get to go with him. So it should be fun for me too!:)
I think he'll get into the groove of things and it won't be so bad.

Oh, so we got the student loan money the other day. Very nice to have. I got us a laptop cooling pad at Walmart for $24.88. It's just like my dads and so much nicer than worrying about something catching on fire or having to get off of it because it's getting so hot. I recommend to anyone who uses there laptop a lot to go and get one!
Here's a link/picture of the one we got.
Laptop Cooling Pad
Belkin Laptop Cooling Pad - Black
Anyhow, today we're going to have alot of company so I better get this thing done and finish up some things around the house!


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