Friday, January 8, 2010

Baby Clothes, Christmas Stuff & Organization

Above is the Nursing PJ's Mom&Dad Moore got for me for Christmas! Way cute and I'm actually wearing the pants now:)
This picture shows the bags of clothes I have for the next like 2 years! :)

Diapers and Wipes! YES!

Cute newborn dress I found at DI for like $1

0-6 month clothes all organized

My Organized craft room

Sewing box Filled

Sewing Box Filled

Sewing box empty

Isn't this the coolest sewing box ever!?

Here are the scissors Hillary got me! I know, AWESOME right!:)

New rotary cutting boards and ruler (ruler and big board from chan and iron/rotary board plus unpictured rotary cutter from mom)

New bead organizers! Funny thing is that I still have a small box worth of beads to

Before the cover

My first Afghan ever! Exciting right!

Here are a few ADORABLE quilts, blankets and burp cloths Chandler mom made for Alli! Way cute right!:) Thanks Silvia!

"Rubber Ducky your the one..."

Silvia crocheted the edges of this burp cloth/blanket set. SO CUTE!:)

Cute socks my mom got for Alli:)

The tradition in the Groll Family is that the dad has to buy the first little dress for the baby girl. So we went hunting for one down in Yuma. This is what Chandler picked out:) Not frilly and it's 3-6 month size so she can't wear it for awhile, but it's super cute and she'll prob. wear it all the time!:) It's hard to find newborn dresses!

Baby Hats I made for Alli!:) We got one with a little ball on top from Grandma Zelda too, but it was put away with the bigger clothes b/c it's a little bigger than these.

Onesie Mom Moore got for Alli/Chandler
Funny thing about it is that when me and Chandler were looking for her first dress at The Children's Place he went right for this onesie and his mom had just bought it for him for Christmas! haha What are the odds right!?

Baby Booties CUTE RIGHT!?:D

Baby blanket mom whipped out for Alli while she was here:)
And here's another cool thing! Hillary (Chan's sister) had gotten me a present for my Birthday but kept forgetting to send it to me. SO I got it while I was down in Cody. You ready for the awesomeness?? She got me this book:
The New Homemade: simple sewing for contemporary style By: Cassie Borden
Link to Amazon HERE
You can see pictures of things in the book on Amazon. It's way cool! She also got me some AWESOME sewing scissors! (I will post the picture above I'm sure)
SO ya! Awesome stuff right!
I think that's all I'm going to post for now:) I have more detailed pictures of my bead organizers all opened and such but I'm sure you really don't care so ya:) I also have some more pictures of clothes and such but I think I already have some on my Christmas post.


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