Monday, November 15, 2010

Infinity Scarf Follow Up

So here are a few pictures of how my infinity scarf turned out using the largest (yellow) knifty knitter hoop. It was pretty simple. I pretty much just made a large "brim" like you would make for the hats. Stretched out it's about 11 inches wide. Not stretched it's about 6 inches. I used Lion Brand Yard--HOMESPUN--The color # is 395 Meadow
It's a green/blue/tan color. Very soft and kind of stretchy.'s the magazine/dress barn one:
Model in Dressbarn scarf and Jack BB Dakota sweater

And here is my version with the knifty knitter:

I think I am going to do another one a little differently...I think instead of making it double thick I will just make it single and just end it when I have the length I want and leave it with a tie. Then it will stretch more....make it lay better prob....I could do it better...I'll update you on it!:)

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Aquilter said...

Waaaay cute! It looks really warm!