Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Pictures and an Update:)

So Allison is now standing up on her own for short periods of time and has taken to climbing the stairs...and falling down. I usually catch her before she gets up and way before she falls down, but the other day I thought daddy was playing with her on the steps when really he left her and went upstairs. I guess she wanted to follow him because the next thing I knew she was up and falling down. She got a nice little bang. Thank heavens it was only one stair. Poor thing. I'm hoping after that she will stay away from the stairs...I think that's wishful thinking though. The way the people built the stairs makes it impossible to put up a baby gate also. So I just have to watch that sneaky little girl a little carefully. Even if I think daddy has her:)
She's doing pretty good with the Christmas tree so far...haha...okay not really. She likes the sparkly bulbs and the candy canes and my tree now looks odd without bulbs on the bottom and the lights being broken on the top half...oh well:) Funny thing is she hasn't even touched or even looked at the teddy bear tree which she can play with to her hearts content if she wanted to! As is life I guess.
We are working on "baby proofing" the house a little more. Allison can reach the top shelf of the dvds now and will find anything she's not supposed to have...We're working on "Audrey proofing" the house, but I'm not sure if that's really possible now (huh Crys):) So I guess we will have to just keep very close watch on Audrey, Jane, Claire and Allison this Christmas:)
Allison is also getting a 3rd tooth and working on the 4th (so she has 2 on bottom and working on the 2 on top now). She's been very good with the whole teething thing though. There was a day or two in Yuma where she was hurting really bad, but we got her some tylenol and she was ok after that. The teething gel doesn't last very long at all.
Anyway...I'm working on selling some of my jewelry down in Yuma now. So that's exciting. I've already made a little money there which is good. I got a few stocking stuffers for Alli the other day. So that's nice.
I uploaded a bunch of pictures to my Yorkphoto the other day. I was pretty behind on that. I also found a sweet program where I can upload my videos right to You Tube (as many at a time as I want which is awesome) and it can do other things too, but ya. That helps alot!
Anyway...I'll have to add some pictures and videos to here soon!
That's all for my update! Chow!


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