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Christmas 09

It is going to take awhile to upload all my pictures and such from Christmas and everything. So if it seems a little unfinished it's because I'm not done yet! :) it goes...

I guess I should start when we were still in Rexburg, ID and my parents and older bro (Aaron) came to visit. We went down to SLC/Provo and picked up my parents, spent some time in SLC (ate at an awesome Brazilian Grill...oh how I wish I could eat there everyday...), went to Aaron's graduation (he graduated from Massage Therapy School), and then headed back up to Rexburg for the weekend.
The guys harvested worms and we did some shopping. We also did Christmas with my parents. My wonderful mother got me alot of well needed things for the new baby (more pictures of all that when I get home!! I'm so excited!) Some of the things she got for Allison:
A Boppy Pillow--I'm going to make a cover for it
Receiving Blankets, Onesies, A Box of Diapers and some Wipes, Some adorable booties, Some clothes for the baby (for christmas), a rotary board with cutter, me out mom I'm not at home so I can't remember everything...We found some awesome deals on baby girl clothes on craigslist (I'm hooked up for like a year now, yay!) and a great deal on a Baby Bjorn ($20 bucks baby!And it's a dark Brown yay!). Aaron and mom went in on getting the stroller/car seat set we wanted! It's AWESOME! I'm going to post pictures of it on this post in a min. It's Eddie Bauer and well, it's just super awesome!
We also worked on my diaper bag while mom was there. We didn't get it all done and mom took it back to Missouri to do some awesome machine quilting on it. It's SOOO CUTE! Well, I won't see it all finished until I get home, but here's a link to mom's blog with pictures!
My Diaper Bag

So yaaa...lets see here....
Christmas Presents from Mom and Dad (This includes the ones Chan got):
  • A really cute book with a lullaby cd called "The Gift of an Angel"
  • Gift Card to Red Robin (YUMM!)
  • Really nice 400 Count black sheets (can always use sheets! Especially nice ones!)
  • Scarf/Hat/Glove Set
  • Bean Filled Body Pillow--Long skinny one that has been SO nice while traveling in the car!
  • The Eddie Bauer Stroller Set (like I mentioned earlier)
  • Chan got a cool Bag to hold all his Fishing Polls
  • And $50 for me and $100 for Chandler
And i guess the 2 Snow Mobiles they got were kind of a Christmas gift. Everyone will have alot of fun with them this year in Idaho (without me of course because I can't go while I'm pregnant). They are so awesome and Chandler is as happy as a little boy in a candy shop about them! They will be really awesome when Jake and Kassie are in Rexburg with us and when mom and dad come to visit. Maybe they will bring Aaron up to visit us more now!

The guys also put up the blinds in the townhouse! They are so gorgeous and keep all the cold air out and warm air in (in the winter) and visa versa in the summer! It also keeps the red tint out of the house from those ugly curtains! Now that wall seems kind of dull without bright red curtains though. Oh well.

Ummm....Me and Chandler also opened our stockings while in Rexburg as well.
Chan got me:
  • A Butterfly Yo-Yo
  • Nail File Board
  • Mini LED Flashlight
  • Foot File
  • 3 decks of cards
  • And of course An Orange
  • A Large Bag of Marbles
(I should just mention that he completely forgot to get candy to put in my stocking...what a rip right! He owns me chocolate! haha Like I need it anyway right)

And I got Chan:
  • Cards
  • Eye Cover (you know, like for sleeping so the light doesn't bother you)
  • Yomega Brain Yo-Yo
  • Marbles
  • Red Lego Blocks
  • Mini Key chain Pop Gun
  • And of course lots of Candy (m&m's, Blow Pops, Lickerish Rope,Candy cane, you know the usual)
I think that about covers Missouri...I will post ALL the pictures after I'm done typing up everything.

OK, On to YUMA, Arizona we go!! We dropped off Mom&Dad Groll at the Airport in SLC and then Aaron in Provo on our drive down to Yuma.

We had/have a ton of people here for Christmas. It took us like all day to open all the presents from each other. My wonderful Husband actually snuck out and got a couple of last minute gifts for me:) What a sweetheart.

So here's what me and Chan got for one another (I'll put what we got from others after)
From Chandler to Me:
  • A really awesome sewing box (Really needed one bad. I don't know how he knew!?)
  • Bead Organizer
  • A huge box of beads we got on craigslist from our now friends (Amanda and J.T.)
  • Bead Bags
  • K Swiss Tennis Shoes (Light Blue and Brown in Color-Very Cool!)
  • Rotary Cutting Board (bigger then the one mom got me) and
  • Rotary board ruler(needed one really bad!)
  • 3/8" curling iron
  • Metal Slinky
I think that's it from him...I'll take pictures of everything and prob. remember more then.

From Me to Chandler:
  • Nike Tennis Shoes (Grey and Black)
  • 2 RC Helicopters (remote control)
  • RC Boat (remote control) that all I got him?? I hate to mention this too, but the first flight of his larger Helicopter he broke the main propeller on it...that was sad! Hopefully we can find a replacement part when we get home.

From Mom&Dad Moore to Me,Chan&Allison:
  • $75 for chan and $75 for us (we also got $20 from Zelda Moore--chan's granny)
  • A receiving blanket and bib set (SO cute!)
  • A Tied Quilt (adorable!)
  • Nursing PJ's. Yellow top and grey with yellow flowers for bottoms (they are so cute!)
  • (Oh and Hillary made a really cute mini photo album for us. It's so cute!)
  • A cute onsies that says, "My <3>
Lets see....I think that might be it...Again after I take pictures I'll remember more!
We have been truly blessed this year! I got alot of things that I needed/wanted. We also got alot of things for baby Allison that we desperately needed before she arrived!
So one thing that I found before we left Idaho was a Knifty Knitter Long Loom (The purple one). I made an Afghan for alli with it. My first ever! I'm pretty proud of it! Again, pictures will come! I also made 2 adorable hats for her (a purple one and a white one).

We were also blessed that I could sell a bit more of my Mary Kay while we've been down here. We went over and had a pool party at Hillary and Trevor's house last night. I didn't swim. There was alot of people there and I didn't exactly look too sexy in the maternity swimsuit Hillary lent me.
Then today we went over to a family friends house (of Chan's family) for a baby blessing lunch (we went to the blessing this morning).
So ya, lots of people, lots of parties, lots of food, lots of fun!

I went and picked up some croquet needles at JoAnn's the other day so I could finish my afghan and then yesterday I spent a little of my Christmas money on a larger Bead organizer and some beads. Oh, in Idaho I also invested in a Multi Temp glue gun as well. So ya, like I said, we were very blessed this Christmas and I am way excited to finally be able to get some beading/crafting things that I wanted and needed!

Oh, one other wonderful "gift" I got was starting yesterday was a sore throat/cough and a little of a runny nose today. Oh yes, must love sharing all those germs.

So ya! Tomorrow we're going to have some awesome family pictures taken. I'll for sure post those when we get them back and such. I think that's it....If I think of more I'll post it.

I'm going to upload all my photos onto my yorkphoto and attempt to share all of them on my blog. We will see how it goes...

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