Tuesday, December 8, 2009

2 Year Anniversary

The cutest shoes Chan took me to find on our anniversary!
I also got some comfy pregnant pants. What a sweet husband!
Ignore the gross double chin:P

A couple pictures of us on our 2 year anniversary.

We had a pretty good day together. I made Chan breakfast in bed (story to follow), we went to Idaho Falls and got me shoes and pants, ran some errands, played a little ski ball, and went to dinner at Applebee's.
The food was all very good. So my story...
I made Chandler breakfast burritos and i was about to melt the cheese in the microwave on them and somehow, someway, they ended upside down on the counter. Gravity is against me I swear! But they didn't spill too bad and they stayed in the tortilla pretty good so it was all okay. Just another clumsy pregnant moment. I also burned my breakfast trying to make his. But I made another pancake and it all turned out alright. Just my luck.

I guess while I'm telling you about how clumsy I am I should share another story from a few days ago.
I woke up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and as I was about to sit the towel rack attacked me. Yes, apparently they are one of those things that come alive in the night.
Well, I somehow caught my nose on it. And I didn't hit the rim, I hit my nostrils. I think it opened them up a bit more or something. It hurt like heck for along time after too. I think I bruised it a little. When I came back to bed I didn't know whether to cry or laugh! It didn't bleed and I didn't break anything, but I think it did something to my nose inside. It was interesting.
I always watch the towel rack now and glare. You never know what can happen in the middle of the night.

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