Wednesday, December 3, 2008

"Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree...."

first big snow since we've been here and still going...

We bought a Bonsai in Yuma,'s not dead yet. haha

Our Christmas doesn't have any lights, but it's still cute!

Pictures of our tree and the snow we got last night and today. It's a high of 29 degrees low of 9 degrees today...crazy cold!

Chan also started working at the hospital Monday. First real day of work was yesterday. He's basically the Janitor. Which is alright because he gets to know everyone and the hospital really well. He seems to like it so far. :)

Anyhow, I quit my job at Peter's Cafe yesterday. Maybe not the wisest ideas but I was getting way too stressed out there. So much so that I cried a couple times. There are ALOT of reasons why I quit. I hate quitting things but I wasn't happy there so I had to make a change. I'm still cleaning a couple houses and hopefully I can pick up one or 2 more to make up for the loss of income from peters I would have made. Plus I'm going to still look around for another job that I'll be happier with. I think McDonald's would have stressed me out less sadly enough.

But ya, I'm happier and defiantly less stressed...things will be tight until I find another job, but we'll be alright. I hope.

Anyhow, enjoy the pics!


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