Monday, December 15, 2008


Well, I'm not sure who all reads this, but this post is a little late. Sorry.
Anyhow, me and Chandler's 1 year Anniversary was on the 7th of December!!
"Yay, we made it through a year!"
I feel so proud and of course in love :)
We didn't do anything too special for the day...He got me a Card, I made a special dinner...And we played hookie from church so we could be with each other all day.
And as far as other "special" married things...well...lets just say our anniversary was more romantic than our honeymoon...of course alot of things would be considered more romantic...but ya. It was nice to just relax with each other for one whole day.
So, I just realized that i really haven't written anything more than a few sentences sense our wedding. How sad am I!

Well, here's an update....
* I knitted an awesome scarf with my fav. thing in the world, The Knifty Knitter.

The one i want
The One I have!

I want all the other looms but Walmart is crappy here as far as craft supplies and sense we're tight on money i can't just go and get it anytime.

* Chandler is now working at the hospital here in Cody and just loves it!:)
Even though he's only a Janitor of sorts he really gets to know the hospital, sense he has to clean every inch of it, and all the people. So that's really nice:)
He's hoping to take a CNA course pretty soon so he can make more money and be a Certified Nurses Assistant. Which means no more scrubbing toilets and more of doing what he loves. Then after that he'll get his schooling done, which the hospital will pay for as well as the state, and become a real nurse!:) I'm so proud of him.

*It is FREEZING here in Cody..and when i say freezing i mean like below zero kind of freezing! IT was -12 degrees yesterday and the wind chill was -21 degrees....yaaa...cold! I wore 3 layers of clothes, my socks and had about 5 blanket on me last night and i was barely warm.

*I quit my job at Peter's Cafe and am hoping to get some more cleaning jobs soon to make up for it.

* The bishop called us in after sacrament meeting to speak with us. He has "several callings in mind for us"....we'll see what happens there...I really hope they don't put me in nursery...maybe teaching a class or being in YW's or something.

*OH! I got waken up by the ring of my phone this morning and who would it be but my friend Briana calling to tell me she got ENGAGED last night!:) I wanted to scream i was so excited for her!:) She's looking at a August 1st wedding. I really hope we're at a point where I can go. She wants me to be her maid of honor and go with her through the temple and everything. I'm way glad she is happy and way excited she's joining the ranks of marriage. :)

*Chandler got 3 HUGE fish from his co-worker yesterday. 2 HUGE goldfish and we're not sure if the other one is a Carp or a Koi but it's the biggest and very pretty. I'll have to take some pictures so you can get an idea of how HUGE huge is. :)

*I spent my Christmas money from mom and dad the other day. I know, it's not even Christmas yet, but I've been thinking about what i wanted for awhile and got a bit excited while at Walmart the other day.
I got: A multi-picture picture frame, some beads and bead stuff, yarn, a white board with calendar and bulletin board-large, and a couple of groceries because i bought some other bead stuff the other day so i used that part for groceries. I think that's it. It doesn't seem like much, but it all adds up and I got some very useful things that I've been wanting.

* Me and Annie have been on a jewelry Making Kick lately! I'm already running low on beads again! haha but we've made lots of cool stuff! I'll have to take pictures so everyone can see.
I really need to get some scrapbooking done...maybe we'll get into a scrapbooking kick soon so i can get some things done:)

I think that's pretty much it....Thanksgiving was good. Chan's Nephews are so adorable. Ruahl has the biggest, cutest, chubby cheeks that make you just want to kiss him all the time! haha

* Chans family is coming up here for a couple weeks for Christmas. They're throwing a big 95th Birthday for Grandma Moore (Zelda). She's pretty spry for a 94 year old! We helped her put up her Christmas stuff the other day and I at least try and see her almost everyday. Sometimes I miss days, but not often.

* My car died at Tev and Annies the other night. We're going to have to go and get it looked at today! Annie and Tev said that alot of times they just won't start because it gets so cold...which could very well be. We'll see. We got it jumped yesterday, but it wouldn't start again after we shut it off. Anyhow, no worries...we still have the truck and i'm sure it's nothing major...I hope anyway:S

* I made dad's famous Chicken Noodle Soup yesterday. Everyone Loved it. And when we had some left over, we were at tev and annies, there company and tev said it was even better the longer it sat. I don't think there's much left now. It's a good thing I made lots!:)

Anyhow, it think that about covers it...If I think of something I'll add to this!
Love you all and I hope you all have a Happy Holidays!

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K.Lee said...

It's good that you can find hobbies to help pass the time because of the work situation.. You'll definitely have to post pics of your jewelry making!