Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Jewlry, etc.

So here's the pictures of the jewelry and fish i promised!

I've made lots of other earrings but these are the ones i could find right now.

Can you tell I got lazy and started doing alot of 1 bead ones:)
They're simple and kind of unique beads i had.

I wore this one with the other similar shiny set the other day and it was so cute!

I hardly ever wear bracelets, but they're cute:)
There's a couple other necklaces and bracelets that aren't on
here, but you get the idea:)

The little ones are like food for them. It's crazy


I've been working on some scrapbooking today. I really need to get my wedding scrapbook completed at least. I also went and shoveled Zelda Moore's (grannies) sidewalk today. I'll tell you what...I need thicker gloves and warmer boots for this place!

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