Thursday, February 28, 2008


Oh, this is my new haircut too! Cute huh! It's curled but you can see how short it is.

Sorry i didn't update you on the recently past day of Love. This was me and Chandler's first Valentines Day was kind of crazy...could have gone better, but take what you can get right...

So I won't go into too much detail, but Chan left for a few hours to go get me Flowers, red roses, and chocolate. Sweet boy. I made him a "love note" journal and framed a picture of us from our wedding for his nightstand. He got called into work so i didn't see him until later. We had a nice dinner together...with my parents...and ya. Then the Saturday after V-day we went out together to dinner and i believe a movie too...i don't recall all the details...I just remember it being special and I loved it! :) The pictures are all on here from the day we went on our "date". I don't have any from actual Valentines Day.


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