Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Lula is here!! And other random stuff

Lula Lynn Moore was born on Monday August 26, 2013 @11:39 PM. She was 6 lbs 12oz and 19 in long. 
Here is my story on the whole labor& delivery. Take into account these are unedited accounts of my experience as it happened so there's prob alot of "boo who poor me" in there:) 
Aug 26-27th
So apparently our little bundle of joy is extremely strong& wanted to come NOW! She kicked me good tonight and my water broke (around 9:15pm ish) and we were at the hospital and had her at 11:39 PM
She pooped before she came so they will have to keep her in the NICU for at least 48 hrs to monitor her lungs/breathing...which means I won't get to even SEE her until I am well enough to go see her! That is i have to be able to feel my legs. It's a very empty feeling to not even get to see ur baby yet& it's been 3-4 hrs already! I'm hoping I can pump so she gets breast milk right away...mixed feelings all around...I just want my baby! She has a mix of red& blonde hair (verdict is still out)& weighs 6 lbs 12 ozs & is 19 inches long! 
I knew she'd be a big girl:) she's chunky according to the pics chan took! She's a strong one so I'm sure she will be fine...I just worry& want to see her& breast feed her! I've been itching all over so they have me on benodryl but still feeling itchy. I'm tired but this bed is so uncomfortable& I sleep on my side so laying on my back sucks! 
We were scheduled for csection on Wed but of course she couldn't wait that long! Good thing I got everything "done" for baby prep!:) didn't get a date with chan but oh well!
Nurses have all been great! Dr.Codd& Meredith did the surgery. Went great! Sigh...I can't sleep..I just want my baby:(

Thurs Aug 29th at 12:33 am
So It's been a day of emotions. My mom stayed with me last night 27th and the 28th around 10 am the Dr. Basically said if he doesn't see her eating more often she's going to have to stay longer. She wasn't wanting to wake up to eat with the IV she thought she was good& so she slept for 6-10 hrs at a time! Which is nice but not because my milk wasn't coming in and it made for frustrating feedings! Well, she did AWESOME after the Dr told us that& now my milk has come in nice& strong& she kept just wanting to eat& eat! So YAY! Plus, the Dr. Said the culture still looked negative so I'm hoping we can go home tomorrow! Before I went down this last time& found out all the good stuff I balled my head off because I really don't want to have to leave her here for 7 days! And I miss alli& Sophie and just want to be home with everyone! Maybe we can go home tomorrow? 

***We were able to have Lulu up in our room by around 10am Thursday& we were both discharged by 5:30pm and were able to go home! She's still on a good little eating/sleeping schedule except for I think she was cold last night. So ya:) both me &Lula are doing super!--Sept 1, 2013***

Some cute hair pretties I made for Lulu:)

Lula's first bath at home!:) She loved it! Such a sweetheart! 

Loving her baby sister:)

I can't believe her hair is long enough to French braid!

A little out of order but ya:) Aunt Crystal got her the WubbaNub. She loves it!

This was from awhile back but I think it's so adorable! Ill be posting more pictures soon from my camera! These are all the ones from my phone!
Flowers Alli picked:)

Daddy got them a Carousel pass so they have been alot this summer!

These are from Sophia's 2 year old Birthday party we had after her actual bday. She got: a play laptop, a puzzle, sippys, a gift card from grams& Poomp, and ?? I can't remember everything? She had choc cake with cream cheese frosting& it was SOOOooo good!:) 

Sophia on her 2 year old Birthday:)
We went to the park& other fun things for her Bday. 
I put up paper lanterns in the girls room. Turned out great! Now to do their wall decor better. 

Chan wrote me this message:) What an amazing hubby!:)

I just love her beautiful curls!

I think this was 36 weeks?

Daddy got them matching outfits

Chan won me some Zipz!!

I'm way behind on posting photos of everything and everyone! So here's my photo update!!
This is a make-up brush holder I designed and "made". Well, mom made it but ya:)

Mom painted this sewing cabinet for me!! Now she's working on getting the machine to work:) Isn't it the coolest!!

All done!! It's to die for right!?

Another project mom surprised me with!

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